Emmalee W

Insurance is important to me for these three reasons. First, it enables me to do what I love. Secondly, it keeps me going at a good pace. And thirdly, I am reminded each day what is most important. I truly believe having insurance is the only way to secure the people and things you adore in life.

First off, having insurance enables me to do what I love without having any fear. Knowing that what I love is protected, gives me peace of mind and a sound heart. I love my family, I don’t know what I would do if anything were to ever happen to them. When I become a nurse, I want to help people every day; having insurance helps me help people in this same way.  When I help people I feel good. When the insurance company has my back, I feel even better, and move forward with a goal in mind.

Secondly, having insurance keeps me going at a good pace. This pace is very important to me because if I slow down, I will have trouble meeting the double major criteria I am trying to complete at DSU.  However, I never feel stuck when I have insurance helping me along the way.  Insurance is also important to me because if I were to ever stop moving in my career, I would have nothing to fall back on, not even my ACT score would be able to save me, at least my GPA is a solid 3.907. Thoughts of unexpected events used to keep me awake at night. Now, I can continue what I’m working on and move at a faster pace because getting insurance is one thing less on the list.

Thirdly, I am reminded each day what is most important.  In a matter of seconds everything in one’s life could all be taken away; when that happens, who is there to help? Who will back that person up and bring them up when they fall? Insurance will help. If I did not have insurance myself, I would take the time with my family for granted. I wouldn’t realize how important being with them really is. Now that my dream is secured and I know what I’m going for, nursing that is- I know I can’t fail when insurance has me covered.

Currently, I attend Tuacahn High School For the Performing Arts. Every day I am reminded how precious life is and the lives of those around me. I explore life through art, dance, and music. Yes, I have always had a love of Nursing, but I am a talented vocalist as well. Insurance is very important to me as a singer because if I were to lose my voice in some way, a tumor, or an operation, I would be very lost. I would need insurance to pay for said operation or help my family financially if I do not make it through the operation.  As much as I love to sing opera, I know there is a possibility someday that I will have to completely fall back on my nursing degree. I need insurance because without it, I would be somewhere else doing something else.

Some people agree that having insurance is not necessary. They think nothing unfortunate will never befall them. However, they are wrong in their thinking because, in order to be protected, one must expect the unexpected.  Many people fall in to the misconception getting insurance is a waste of money. They would rather spend their hard earned money on a brand new car or a better house… but who will protect that new car or house? That is where they are wrong- Insurance is necessary no matter what the cost is. Insurance companies agree that people who invest in insurance are happier and healthier in the long run. Many people also believe insurance is a waste of time. Schedules get busier and busier throughout the year. People think that they are simply too busy to apply for insurance. That is simply not so. Personally, I have found the insurance process to be quite painless and quick. In fact, that is reason insurance is important to me. It’s there when I need it and it doesn’t take much time to get the help I need.

I truly believe having insurance is the only way to secure the people and things loved in life. Where would we be without them? Where would we be without insurance? I am so very grateful for all I have on this Earth I want to protect it however I am able too. Insurance really is important to me becuase those around me are important. Anything could happen at any given moment. I feel safer in this dangerous world when I have insurance.  It is a scary world, and that is why insurance is so very important to me.