Emily J

Why insurance is so important to me evolved as I began to learn to drive.   Being a new driver, I thought I knew it all and that my Mom and Dad were just getting after me about speed, how I turned or how I braked.   I have learned that driving is a privilege and should not be taken for granted.   I love to drive to school or places by myself and have the feel of the vehicle.  I have had some close calls while driving such as people stopping in front of me or not using their turn signal.    Moments like those make your heart race and thank God that you are still here on this earth.

One of those tragic moments happened for my cousin a few years ago and probably one of the most difficult things our family has experienced.   She was driving on a cold wintery morning and failed to stop at the stop sign on a county road.   The black ice on the road that morning caused her to slide out into a state road and into oncoming traffic.   The vehicle saw her coming but could not get out of the way and her car collided between the truck and a trailer it was hauling.   The metal of the trailer sheared her car open causing her to be injured severely.   She had guardian angels stop instantly to help her and keep her alive until lifeline helicopter arrived to take her to the hospital.

From the moment of the accident to 41 days later in the hospital our sweet cousin never woke up.   She had severe brain swelling from the accident.  Her cellphone was found in the car and the last words texted were ok to her mother who had warned her the roads were slick that morning.   We will never know if she was actually using the phone at the time of the accident or if she texted them before she left her house less than two miles away before the accident.   The time frame to analyze the text was too short to be exact but the end result was she was involved in a terrible accident that took her life and has changed our family forever.

We visited her many times at the hospital hoping for that miracle, but I know our parents also wanted my sister and I to see what could tragically happen in the blink of an eye when you are in a vehicle.   I love her and think of her often and know I will see her again one glad day and because of knowing her and experiencing this traumatic event in our family, I will never text and drive.

Ironically my cousin worked for an insurance company and was on her way to work that icy morning.   She learned about the importance of insurance while working there and had taken out the proper auto insurance.   Since she was only part-time she did not qualify for medical or life insurance and her family did not have any insurance covering her.   As a result of the accident, the medical bills were extremely high.   My parents teach my sister and me life lessons as events occur and they stressed the importance of having insurance no matter the cost.  I know my cousin’s family has struggled with her loss and the loss of income and costs incurred at the hospital due to the incident.  I am sure if she had the proper insurance things could have been made easier for them.   I know I don’t completely understand the terms like premiums and deductibles but I do know that currently my parents have my sister and I covered with insurance of various kinds and that when I am out on my own in the real world, I will take out the proper insurance needed to cover myself and my family for all our needs.

I know from watching television, there are many insurance companies out there and many choices to make as an adult in the real world.   But I feel being responsible and doing the right thing by being properly covered with the appropriate insurance is imperative for myself and my future family.   I know I hope nothing like what happened to my cousin ever happens again to someone close to me but I know I will want to make sure that if an accident or medical need was to arise that I am covered and that is why insurance is so important to me.

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