Emily B

Being in a family of six means my parents have to work extra hard to provide for us. They both work twelve hour shifts and still struggle to pay for all the bills that come with having a large family. So when one of us gets sick it really hurts the budget because we can’t afford to pay pricey hospital bills. Unfortunately for us, in May I was diagnosed with Appendicitis and had to have an emergency surgery.

I was only in the hospital for twenty-four hours but within one day I had accumulated a large amount of bills for my family to pay. Multiple IV refills, ambulance rides, morphine dosages, anesthesia, and prescription medication are just a few of the things my parents were suddenly being told they had to pay for. Luckily, my parents have health insurance so although we did have to pay quite a bit of money, it was nowhere near as much as it could have been if we were not insured. Because of our insurance we saved a lot of money and I became healthy again.

Then in August I got in a car accident.  Someone was speeding and rear ended the back of my vehicle but thankfully, I was okay and did not get injured in the crash. Although I obviously wish the accident had never happened I was very relieved to hear that my insurance company would take care of the situation. Within just a few days the problem had been resolved and I was no longer worried or upset. If I had not had the help from my insurance company I would have had a much more difficult time trying to solve the issue of fixing my car. Just a few weeks later my sister’s car was the victim of a hit and run. A woman at her work place backed into my sister’s car, knocking off the entire front bumper, and then she just left without telling anyone. The insurance also helped my sister take care of her broken vehicle and the police tracked the woman down to hold her responsible for her actions. Again, without the insurance my family of six would never have been able to fix my sister’s car for her because we just don’t have a lot of extra money to take away from paying the bills and groceries.

Another reason insurance is important to me is because I have my father’s eyes. That seems like a nice compliment to tell someone at a family reunion but in my case it is awful because my father has had horribly bad eyesight since he was a child. Sadly, in elementary school I also developed short sightedness. I found out that I needed glasses from my school’s free eye test that all students had to do in Fifth grade. They called me into the room and asked me to please read the bottom line on the eye chart…and I couldn’t do it. All I saw was a lot of blurry nothing. Slowly I tried to read each line but I could only see the largest letters on the chart. The school then contacted my parents and my father took me to the eye doctor. After being at the doctor for what felt like hours, I left with the knowledge that in just a few weeks I would get my very first pair of glasses for free. Our health insurance covers a new pair of glasses for me every year or two so all I had to worry about was how I looked with four eyes. I never realized just how expensive glasses were until mine broke and we had to buy new ones. Because it hadn’t been a year yet, our insurance could not cover the cost and my family had to pay nearly five hundred dollars for the new pair of glasses. It was that moment that I became very grateful for all that our insurance had provided my family before. They have bought my glasses every year since Fifth grade and next year I will have a chance to pick out some new frames yet again paid for by my parent’s insurance company.

Insurance has always been an important part of my family’s lives. With two adults and four children in one home it is often difficult to pay the bills and stock the pantry. Thankfully, I know and appreciate the fact that if I ever get sick again, have another car accident, or need a new pair of glasses my insurance company will always be there to help my family and I through it.

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