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Any form of insurance is important to have in a person’s life. It is the thing that helps us get out of any trouble. I believe insurance is an element that has to be under the “need” list. People need to have insurance. It is a great benefit to have. I, as a person, recommend to all US citizens to pay for The Accidental Protection Plan. You are probably wondering what this plan is and what kind of benefits will it provide for yourself, family, and surroundings when purchasing it.  The Acidental Protection Plan is  a type of insurance that can help employees pay out-of-pocket costs, as well as other expenses. You can also receive a benefit payment after claiming it with a request of a covered accident. When it’s subbitted, the insurance company will directly send the benefit payment to the covered individual. This insurance covers initial care such as ambulance, emergency room, urgent care or doctor visits. It, also, covers Hospital care, Follow-Up care, X-rays, physical therapy, and injuries such as dislocations and fractures, which was my situation.

I live in Douglas, Arizona. Our estmated population is of 16,740 people. We are a border-town with the country of Mexico. On the other side is Ague Prieta, Sonora. On June 8, 2014, I went to go visit my father, who lives in Agua Preita because he was deported. My father owned an ATV or a Quad. We were riding the quad, unprotected. When it was my turn, I rode alone. I like the adrenaline. I like to feel the air and free. I wasn’t paying attention and the velocity was very high. I made a sharp turn and, after that, it was all a blur. I remember I felt very light, then all of a sudden, I hit the floor, scraping my skin against the rocky floor. An unknown man, who witnessed my accident assisted me and got me to my feet. I lifted the quad, with the help of the man. I tried pushing in the clutch with thumb of my left arm, while with my right I hit the accelerator. I was trying to turn on the quad to take it back home. My right arm responded as usual, but my left wouldn’t. I couldn’t move it or my fingers. I didn’t think anything big of it. I left the quad right where I had the accident and walked a few blocks home, holding my left arm. A block away from my father’s house, he saw me. I told him he need to go for the quad and he ran for it. My mother is a medical assistant, so she knew exactly what to do. She examined it and asked me to move it. When she saw that I couldn’t, she knew I that moment what was wrong with it and rushed me across the line to the hospital in Douglas.

Douglas is a small town and we don’t have the best technology. Our hospital wasn’t a good one, and now we don’t have a hospital. It closed down because of lack of work and services for the people of the city. When we arrived to the hospital, they did an x-ray. My mother was right about her suspicions. They told us that I had fractured my arm. They cleaned my scrapes, covered my arm with a bandage, and gave me an arm sling. I was sent home in less than an hour. Nothing could’ve been done because my arm was too swollen. The next day, my mother took me to be seen by my primary healthcare doctor. She couldn’t do anything either. Because of the situation, she gave me a referral for an orthopedic specialist in Tucson, Arizona.

On June 10, 2014, I was seen in Tucson. He told me I had a left radius fracture. The doctor informed me that I didn’t just have a fracture. I, also, had turned my bone one-hundred and eighty degrees from where it was meant to be. He said he would try to move it, just with force, to its normal spot and if it didn’t work, surgery would be necessary. That plan was unsuccessful. We went over the surgery that would be practiced the next morning. He said he was going to turn my bone back to normal. He was also going to insert a metal pin, that he called a “fishing hook”. This pin would be located from my elbow and it would stick out of my wrists. When he told me this, I was frightened. My first fracture and it had been this bad? The next day, my mother drove down to Tucson for surgery. I had surgery and had the pin inserted. The pin was in my arm for about a month. It got ejected and I went to physical therapy in Douglas. I could afford to be driving to Tucson every week. I would go to physical therapy in the hospital three days a week for six weeks. In October, the physical therapist got a better job someplace else and we didn’t have a physical therapists, so I stopped going. My arm got better, but it still isn’t as it was before. It has some defects.

If my mother would’ve The Accidental Protection Plan at the time of my accident, it would’ve helped us in so many ways. My mom lost time from work and our family struggled because of the lack of income. It was a hard time for us. My grandmother had to come in from phoenix to help me because my mother couldn’t miss any more work. We needed the pay.it got very expensive. Time meant money, and money meant time. We were very tight. This insurance would help many people because accidents aren’t planned. You never know when one will happen.

Thank you for taking the time to read my experience and why I believe insurance is important. Insurance is a need in a person’s life. Insurance can sometimes be the key out of a problem that could’ve been very difficult.  People don’t take in mind the importance of it. Everyone has to not be so ignorant and get any kind of insurance. There are so many of them and all are helpful with something. All insurances are helpful and they need to be noted because they are here for the good.

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