Elijah K

In the summer of 2015, my parents and I were driving from Ann Arbor Michigan to our home in Bloomington Illinois. While driving on I-94, there was an accident and the traffic came to a complete halt. The driver behind us was unaware traffic had stopped and ran into the back of our car at full speed. We were all pretty shook up. The driver that hit us was severely hurt. In our car, my mom was hurt the worse and our car was heavily damaged. A passing driver alerted the state patrol. Once the officer arrived, he had an ambulance dispatched to assist the injured.

My mom was treated on the spot, but did not require hospitalization. The other driver required hospitalization. My dad and I had a few nicks, but overall we were in good shape. So here we are quite a distance from home, my mom is hurt, and our car may not be drivable. After accessing the drivability of the car, my dad decided we could continue our trip home in the damaged vehicle. I was really concerned about the situation we were in. My dad reassured me that everything would be ok. I had no idea at the time how he could feel that way. But looking back and now knowing more about automobile insurance, I understand why he was so confident that things would work out. Having automobile insurance and the right coverage was a God sent.

Once we got home, my dad took my mom to the doctor to have her examined. He also called the insurance company to tell them what had happened. They filed a claim, and a couple of days later someone from our insurance company called to get additional information concerning the accident. The insurance representative informed us that our automobile policy had the coverage necessary to cover the accident. They also informed us that the person who hit us did not have the necessary coverage to cover the accident, but our policy would cover that also. I had no idea why our policy would cover someone who ran into the back of our car. My mom explained the concepts of uninsured and underinsured and why it is important to have this coverage. I realized there is a lot to learn about automobile insurance and how the right policy is so important. I also realized that the cost of an accident can be extremely expensive and without insurance you have to pay for all the damages yourself. One accident could potentially put you in the poor house.

As I said earlier, my mom was hurt. She had to go to the doctor, get x-rays, and rehabilitation sessions multiple times. I hated to see my mom in so much discomfort. She is better now and I credit that to having the right policy to pay for her treatment. As for our car, I know my dad was concerned about the quality of the repair and if the car would operate the same after it was fixed. We took the car to the body shop and the first thing they wanted to know was do you have insurance? If so, what is your deductible? Once again the automobile insurance policy covered the cost of the repairs and my dad had a reasonable out of pocket amount to pay after the insurance company paid their portion of the bill. While the car was being repaired we had to get a rental car and the auto policy paid for that also. So for a few weeks we got to drive around in a cool car. Without automobile insurance none of this would have been affordable.

Insurance is important to me because it helped my family to pay for all the bills that resulted from this accident. Most importantly it provided us a peace of mind that we could weather this storm. My mom had health issues as a result of the accident and had to go to therapy a number of times. Our car had to be repaired and we had to get a rental car until the car was fixed. My dad missed work and was reimbursed for the time he missed due to the accident. All of this would not have been possible without automobile insurance. I am a believer now in automobile insurance and all other forms of insurance that protects a person’s life and property. I guess if I had to sum up why insurance is so important, I would sum it up this way… Life is full of unexpected events, some events can be very pleasant and some events can be very unpleasant. For the unpleasant events that can be covered by insurance, buy a policy. It is best to have a policy and not need it, then to need it and not have it.

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