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Why do people spend their money on insurance? Well, the importance of having insurance is greater than most people my age think. It is there for an emergency, of course we don’t know when that will be, so we figure it is better to be safe than sorry. There are many types of insurance, some of the more common types are, auto insurance, medical insurance, and life insurance. Auto insurance affords you protection for yourself and your family in the event of an accident or theft.  When you’re covered by auto insurance, you are not only protecting yourself and your loved ones, but you’re breaking the law without it. Medical insurance can be the difference between life and death in the event of a serious accident or illness. You are also given a low co-payment when going to the doctor’s office for a checkup. Life insurance is just that, insurance to help your family financially in the event of an accidental death, or catastrophic event.

We can all relate when I say that paying more than one hundred dollars per month for car insurance is painful to our paycheck every month. We do not realize that we are paying for security because thankfully, we don’t get  in accidents every week. So what if you get into an accident?  Even worse, what if you were the one that caused that accident?  In this case, this why car insurance is a must when driving or even owning a vehicle. During the month of November I was in a car accident, nothing major but it was something. I am not the type of person that has more than one thousand dollars in my pocket waiting to be spent, so I needed help from my car insurance company. Thankfully, my car insurance company covered absolutely everything and I did not have to worry about a single thing, other than answering some questions. Now, on the other hand, what if I was not smart enough to carry car insurance? I would’ve been responsible for the damage and probably even have to deal with other problems with the law. Like I said before, it is better to be safe than sorry. It seems like a lot when you are spending the money every month, but in the end, in case of an emergency it will help you out in the long run.

As a part-time associate at In-N-Out Burger, I am allowed to have dental insurance. Now, this isn’t free, money is taken out of my paycheck in order to support my decision of carrying this type of insurance. I do not go to the dentist’s office every week but I do like to have check-ups done to my teeth and other necessities every now and then. The point of this type of insurance that is offered is to cover the major part of the amount and you cover the rest. In some cases, the insurance can only cover partial, but it is still something. To be able to support the lifestyle you desire with some security and discounts you have to understand how crucial insurance is. Going to the dentist can be expensive, so why not pay a little amount of money every paycheck to have your dentist visit covered? A very common situation is wisdom tooth withdrawal. I know people who have not been able to get them taken out simply because they can’t afford it. This is why any type of dental insurance is necessary, as it can help you pay great amounts of money without a problem.

Another reason why insurance is important to me is because it doesn’t just keep me protected but it keeps those who I love dearly protected too. Life insurance is an option that should be chosen by anyone who has children and wants to make sure they will have a comfortable lifestyle after she or he is gone. As I grow older, I learned that insurance is not something you consider an option, but something that needs to be chosen first.  I want to have life insurance when I am older because, it will keep my family and I safe from any money problems in case of an emergency. This might seem like a ridiculous example, but in an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians, Kim loses her seventy five thousand dollar earing in the ocean. After crying to her mom about the situation, Kris points out that the insurance will cover it and goes on to say “That is why we have insurance”. Now come on, even people with millions of dollars have insurance. Why don’t you?

After I graduate college I want to be part of an insurance agency or even run my own someday! I already know that when having a business it is important to have some sort of protection. In case of a robbery, weather destruction, law suits and other downfalls, it is better to have some security that will guarantee a positive outcome.

After all, these are the reasons why insurance is important to me. I think insurance is not an option but a must because it is the law and is simply safe. It guarantees protection for yourself and family members. It also achieves its goal of covering extreme financial loss due to an accident. Any form of insurance ends up with a positive outcome and that is why I choose and will continue having insurance as a priority.

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