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There are different types of insurance and my case deals primarily with health insurance.  Before learning about what insurance truly was, the idea of it confused me. Why is a company providing me with money so I can pay my healthcare costs? Well, it isn’t that simple, and it wasn’t until high school that I fully understood it. Insurance is essentially an agreement made that grants you protection in the case of a financial disaster. Prior to high school, however, my first real encounter with the importance of health insurance occurred during the 3rd grade after my tooth was chipped at my friend Cooper’s birthday party.

I was invited to Cooper’s birthday party on a Saturday during the month of February. It was being held at an arcade venue that featured bumper cars, coin machines, and an activity I have never experienced in before, laser tag. The latter excited me as it looked so fun. I was eager to team up with my closest friends and defeat the opposing team. So after eating pizza, enjoying some laughs, and fun times on the bumper cars, we decided to dive into laser tag. We were taught the rules of the games, and all questions were answered and clarified. The goal was to gain as many points as possible by aiming the lasers from our weapons onto any of the 4 large circles on the enemies’ vests. The team with the most points at the end would be declared the winner. Seems simple, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, what should have been a simple and fun game transformed into an unpleasant time when one of our friends, Isaac, brought his older sister, Vanessa, into the mix as a player on his team.

Isaac’s sister obviously did not understand how to play laser tag. You would expect no physical contact because this isn’t an activity like basketball or soccer. Rather, laser tag is more comparable to a sport like tennis, where the players are at a distance from each other. Vanessa was very physical in this game. To score a point, she would approach us and poke and jab us with the laser gun and sometimes it would hurt. She went too far one time and jammed the laser gun into my face, hitting my right front tooth, and chipping it so badly it looked like the state of Nevada was carved out of it. I found the piece on the floor and after experiencing the intense pain from my exposed nerves, my parents took me to the emergency room.

Repairing my teeth would have been a difficult and long process if I did not have health insurance. I have gone through 3 dental procedures (A root canal, a temporary crown, and a permanent crown) since I chipped my tooth. My mother told me the cost of the procedures with such a calm composure it surprised me and, upon asking if it was a lot to pay, she responded saying the insurance covered it. Without the health care insurance, paying for the dental surgeries would have been a difficult task. The price for a procedure on a single tooth is expensive, but not incredibly expensive; however, considering the fact that I had multiple procedures in a short span of years, the money accumulated quickly. With that context in mind, it helps illustrate the benefit of insurance. A sudden accident can cause a financial impact that one is not fully prepared for, and bills can add up quickly, especially if they are medical bills. Nobody would have expected that my tooth would have chipped in a game of laser tag. The unexpectedness of the situation and ability to manage it so well makes me appreciate having insurance.

Insurance helps in the protection of things that are important to individuals and in my case, insurance didn’t just cover the payments for my dental surgeries, it also helped restore my smile which I valued greatly. This is one thing that people should understand when deciding whether or not they need insurance. Sometimes our things that become damaged aren’t easily replaceable and are very costly. Having insurance assures that if we ever face a crisis in our lives, there will be something there to back us up. Health insurance proved itself to be a valuable asset in my life, helping my family avoid the financial troubles that may have resulted from my dental issues. And with the affordability of insurance, it makes sense to have it to manage the chance of tragedies in our lives.

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