Devon W

My family moved from New York to North Carolina in 2006 to have a better quality of life (my mom’s words).  In 2008 at the age of 10, the most important person in my life died, my father. The night before, he shared that he wasn’t feeling well and I told him to go to the doctor.  He never made it to the appointment, he died the next morning of a blood clot that traveled to his heart.  He was my hero.  After his death, my mother worked two jobs.  I now understand why.  My father did not plan for his absence in our lives.  His death left a large financial issue for my mother to handle.  My mother explained he had to choose between paying a high insurance premium or medical insurance through his job.   He chose medical.  I am glad he did have medical because his hospital bills would be another thing for my mother to handle.

All insurance is important to me for today and tomorrow. My mother shared that when my grandparents bought their house, both decided to add an additional insurance that would pay off the mortgage if one died.  My grandfather died and the mortgage was paid in full.  That was the right insurance decision.  I have suffered injuries and there have been additional fees not covered by the employer’s insurance.  To help with medical cost, my mother has money set aside and placed into a flexible spending account (I asked her to explain).  That is a pre-tax insurance savings that covers out-of-pocket co-pays, medical expenses and fees.  That’s is a daily insurance that ensures we can go to the doctor.  My mother explained that she also has additional insurance to cover if she is unable to work, burial and other personal finances upon her death.

Everything my mother shared are examples of the importance of having insurance based on your financial need for yourself and your family.  I do not know how much insurance will be enough, but having it; however much, is better than none at all.  At 18, I am planning for today, tomorrow and the future of my family.

The past eight years have been a struggle, but my mother has helped me to stay on the right path.  In high school I played varsity basketball, track and field.  She is my angel who attended every event cheering me on, offering advice and making sure I made the right choices and decisions.  I have worked hard to make sure my academics are not the reason I cannot enroll in college.  It is the tuition.  But that will not stop me.  If awarded, this scholarship will help me enter Radford University majoring in Accounting.  I intend to use my degree to help others become financially smarter the right way.  I love to play basketball, but it is not my career goal.  I volunteer during the summer coaching elementary and middle school kids.  They tell me they look up to me, but it is really me looking up to them. They have their future ahead of them and I advise them to do the work now and the rewards will come.

My motto is to work hard for 4 years and play for 40.  I plan to spend my four years while in college working hard academically and the next 40 getting my accounting and  law degrees, have a successful career, a loving family and putting God first all while paying it forward for the next student.   I can and will succeed!

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