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Being a teen driver all I hear from my parents is to drive safe so our insurance rates won’t go up. Insurance is a very valuable and helpful asset to have as a person. Often times, individuals are not prepared for the worst situations and can not afford to pay out of pocket for damaged items. Insurance is important to me as a teen driver, as a person living in the Midwest, as a student athlete and as a son.

Although most teen drivers believe they are invincible, I know I am not, solely due to the fact that I have car insurance. Insurance gives me a level of comfort when I am out on the road because I know my car will be covered. It tells me that I need to be on my toes and on the lookout for other drivers, that way I can keep others safe and myself in the process. If I am not safe on the road my insurance rates may skyrocket due to the irresponsibility on my part. Often times, car insurance is overlooked and people think that they are great drivers and will never hit someone with their car. This is completely false, you may be the best driver on the road but it is the other drivers you need to look out for. If I were to get hit and the other person was responsible, I would feel more comfortable dealing with a respectable insurance company than an unreliable stranger who just hit my car. Individuals need to have insurance so they can stop paying cash for their accidents, or giving phony phone number and addresses to reach them later that day. I believe that everyone should have to buy insurance for their cars so that people are sure their problems will be solved by a trustworthy insurance company. Also, my parents decided to buy me a modest car so that my insurance on that car would be less than if I had a newer, more expensive car.

Home owners often are not prepared for the worst situations that could happen to their home, this is why they need home insurance. For people who do not own their home there is renter’s insurance that protects their valuables. There are many college students around the country. They can buy renter’s insurance for their dorms to protect them in case of fire or theft. I live in a house that my parents own. We live in the Midwest, our region is prone to tornadoes and also flooding. Our insurance would cover the damage done by these natural occurrences, otherwise we could not afford to do so. Next, our insurance would cover theft. My family goes on vacation a lot and when we are away from the house it is hard to closely monitor our home. All in all, homeowner’s insurance gives that  piece of mind to families.  If something bad were to happen, our insurance would help replace the stolen or damaged items.

Health insurance affects me by helping pay for the cost of my medical expenses. I have broken bones, gotten sick and had to take a trip to the doctor’s office, and even got my wisdom teeth removed. Insurance paid for the expenses of these procedures and treatments over my life because my family has health insurance. Next, under the Affordable Care Act, it is required that all United States citizens have health insurance. This bill is very important because many health issues are unpredictable and unexpected. This law helps underprivileged Americans access health care through the inalienable right to have insurance. This law gets Americans into hospitals to not only treat them, but prevent future conditions from getting worse and causing major issues.

Life insurance is very important. If my dad were to die in an accident, our family would be hurt financially. My father makes up ninety percent of our family income, without him our family would have a drastic life change. If we were living on just my mother’s income we could possibly lose the house due to lack of finances. A death of a family member is devastating and the life insurance check cannot make up for the loss of that loved ones, but it does help the family out financially during the time of recovering after the tragedy.

Insurance can be helpful in many ways such as car, home, health and life insurance. Many accidents or unfortunate things do happen in life. I do not want to have to use my insurance, but when the time comes to use it, the money I would get to fix the problems is very helpful during a time in need.

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