Daniel D

My first major injury camy from a freak accident at a track and field competition where my leg snapped and I broke my tibia and fibula. I had to be transported to two different hospitals by ambulance and had surgery to insert a metal rod to fix my tibia. Never did I think about the costs because I was under age and my parents took care of it. I am positive that the bill was very expensive and being that my parents are agricultural laborers, not having health insurance for me would have put them in a very difficult financial situation. A couple years later I found myself with another health concern when my allergies induced intense sneezing and coughing causing one of the small air vessels in my lung to rupture, releasing air into my body making it very painful to breathe. I went to the school medic as I was living on campus of the university I was attending and they were very intrigued in what they found as it was a rare case. They didn’t have the resources to help me so they sent me to the hospital where they gave me some respiratory treatment that took a total of two hours. This was my first time going to the hospital on my own as an adult and later when I received the bill I was amazed to see the summary of charges.

Fortunately I was still covered under my parents work insurance plan which covered about half of the treatment costs. I was still responsible for paying over one thousand dollars and being a college student, I was grateful of not having to pay the full amount, something that could have been extremely distracting to my education. Ever since that occasion it became obvious how much of a resource having insurance was and I did some personal on the benefits and different plans available. My research led me to a bunch of different insurance providers for a lot of things I had no idea could be insured. Something I always had an issue with since I was young was my teeth, specifically with my underbite and the erosion that was happening because of the constant grinding teeth. I was able to find a provider that covered most of the costs for my procedure and I decided to enroll to finally get my teeth fixed as my parents were never able to afford the treatment for me. Insurance made it possible for me to finally get braces after more than fifteen years of needing them.

Another thing regarding insurance that took me by surprize was when it came to filing my taxes for the first couple times. New legislation penalized you for not health having insurance coverage all year round at the time of doing your taxes. The first year had a grace period that deferred the fees but the second year I did my taxes there were three months I didn’t have insurance because my parents are seasonal workers and weren’t covered in the winter months. I was fined a couple hundred dollars which led me to getting the minimum tier insurance provided by the new insurance laws. Up until the fines did the topic of insurance become relevant to me and I have come to notice that many of my peers are also unaware of what its importance is. The general attitude towards insurance is that they are companies just taking your money since individuals don’t think they will be in a situation where they will need it. The lack of precautionary measures in protecting one’s well being in the future is prevalent with the younger population as there is a lack of exposure of insurance benefits in schools.

The importance of health insurance has increased substantially for myself not just from an individual perspective, but from society’s view on protecting the labor force. As I continue to be an aspiring entrepreneur and pursue my studies in agriculture business, insurance will become an even more relevant topic. My aspirations for starting my own business will require me to attain a lot of different types of insurances but specifically ones pertaining to workers compensation insurance and protecting the workers. Coming from an agriculture family I have heard and witnessed the types of accidents that happen in an industry that helps feed the population. It is necessary to continue our operations to feed the population but we need to make our workers feel safe. Maintaining a healthy workforce is essential for running a business and providing them with insurance and the piece of mind that they are being taken care of even in the case of an accident is essential. Seeing the benefits of having health insurance when it matters makes me want to provide these benefits to the possible workforce I might have in the future.

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