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Living life is like living with so much worry and questions that can’t be answer. Not having that reassurance that everything will be okay and not having the guarantee that one will still be alive the next day. Feeling as if you’re drowning with fears of having no money to afford necessities that are required to live a healthy and stable life. Living a life with no insurance is how you get that feeling.

That is how my grandma felt when she had been in 3 car accidents in the last decade. My grandmother has been that kind of lady that made sure to pay her bills on time and get insurance on any new car that she had bought, which was rare because she only has one car. One day she was driving her mother home, my great grandmother and next thing she remembers was a truck coming from her right side and slamming into her. That was when she started thinking if she is going to live to see daylight ever again. Thanks to God she survived that car accident. The only thing on her mind at that moment was how was she going to take me and her daughter to school and how was she going to get her car fix when she barely had money to pay the rent. Luckily my grandma has insurance for her car and they had helped her get a new car and she didn’t have to pay as much as she would without insurance.

Insurance is not just a bill that everyone needs to pay but it’s a support system that helps as well. Insurance is important to my grandma even now because she knows that she will need it as a backup coverage. It is important in that it helps cover any damages done to a car and may help pay for a new car.

Insurance is not only available for car but as well as medical insurance, house insurance, earthquake or flood insurance and even insurance for legs. House insurance is really important because if something happens such as a hurricane or tornado then you don’t really have to worry because the insurance will cover you,you just have to see what kind of insurance you get to make sure you actually get covered for the right things.

The most important insurance ever existed and is very important is medical insurance. Having medical insurance is something everyone needs to get because if you’re feeling sick or dying and need special treatment or medicine that is expensive, medical ( a type of medical insurance ) will pay mostly everything or part of it so it is cheaper for you. For example I was diagnosed with asthma since birth and as I get older I’m required to use an inhaler which cost around 50-100. My family in which is a low income family really don’t  have that kind of money to use when i need an inhaler, but once we got medical insurance I now get the inhaler sometimes free or I just pay 10$ which is better for my family to pay.

There are many insurances for many things that are important to certain people. Such as car insurance is important to my grandma and medical insurance is important to my family and I.  Although it may not seem impel that because of the cost but once it is put into use then one will surely understand that having insurance in their lifetime will be better for them rather than living in fear and worries. Medical insurance is important due to the fact that many people have it, mainly low income families have it and thanks to the medical insurance they are able to go see a doctor free or pay just a fee of 5 dollars, whenever they are in need of seeing a doctor or in need of medicine prescribed by a doctor.

I know that once I get older, have a house and I have my own car I know the first thing I’m going to do is get insurance because it will be useful at the end when something happens. That will be one thing that I will never regret paying for unlike the makeup and lotion that I have that I really don’t need. Although it’s going to be a lot of money to get insurance for all the things that need it, I know that I will be living a life with happiness and worry free because I know that if something happens to me, my car or house I don’t have to worry, because the insurance will be there to help me.

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