17 Corinne D

Insurance is a basic necessity of life. People are imperfect beings, therefore disease, recklessness and accidents can all be a plague to society. Regrettably, for most of my life I have been uninsured, which caused me to have issues with my car, health and more. I did however, hold a job in an insurance office and saw firsthand so many of the reasons why insurance is of upmost importance for people to have. Now that I am in control of my own wellbeing, I used my knowledge and I made the decision to insure myself in multiple ways. Insurance is important to me for a myriad of reasons; I drive a car, I have mental health issues, and I rent a living space.
I operate a vehicle on almost a daily basis. Unfortunately, one of the risks of driving is the trust that must be put into yourself and those driving around you. Insurance provides a safety net for any accidents that happen, and allow for repairs to be made with a much lower cost to me or other drivers. It also protects theft or other accidents that can happen to my car. These are all things that if I had to pay for myself, it would be very costly. I myself have been in two car accidents, both of which involved people rear ending me while I was stopped, and was able to have the back of my car checked on because of the insurance the drivers held. If ever I do cause an accident, I need to make sure I am covered so that I do not need to pay for another driver’s repairs, as well as my own.
I, like many other individuals in this country, suffer from mental health issues. Without insurance I am left to pay for therapy and any medications prescribed to me out of pocket. These bills pile up quickly and in the past have prevented me from getting the help that I so badly need. For years I went untreated and was forced to cope with my health issues in whatever ways I found on the internet, and even attempted to self diagnose my conditions because of my lack of insurance. High school was a difficult period to attempt to be normal and fit in with other teens all while my attempting to ignore the obvious ailments I had. Now that I am in college I take advantage of the ability to get help for my depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder. The help that therapy affords me is tremendous and the ability to have the sessions covered by insurance allow me peace of mind as student from a low income family.
As a student, I rent the room in which I live. Insurance covers theft or damages that may occur to my things while they are in the room. If there is a fire, I find solace in the fact that my personal belonging would be replaced with help from the insurance company. Insurance is a smart decision while living around other young people as well, because if someone else in the building causes a fire or a flood, my things would still be at risk despite it not being my fault. My room contains  many things that I use in everyday life, such as the laptop I need for my courses and all of the clothes that I own; my life without these items would be much more difficult, but insurance prevents that from becoming a reality. As a student, I realize that I need to cherish any and all of the items in my possession, because I do not know when or if I will be able to replace them if anything were to happen.
Because of the reality that both myself and those around me have flaws and make mistakes, insurance is a crucial element in my life. My car, my health, and my home are all important to me so they are things that I want to protect with insurance. In high school I worked in an insurance office where every day I was reminded of the varieties of reasons insurance is so incredibly important. I know what it is like to live in fear of accidents occurring and putting me into massive debt, therefore the ability to have a safeguard for different aspects of my life is invaluable. There are many reasons for why a multitude of insurance types are important to me.