Colby C

At the age of twenty-one, I have already seen the importance of having insurance. I have heard people around my age complain about the cost of insurance or how they will never use it. When it comes to people like this, I hope that they become educated on what will happen to them if they do not have insurance. Insurance has helped my family out tremendously. It has given us a peace of mind and has played an important role in our finances and security.

April, 2010 Rhode Island had one of the worst flooding that I have ever witnessed. The Warwick mall had completely flooded, and at the time my mom, younger brother and I were living right across the street from it. No one had known how bad the storm was going to be and we had to leave our home immediately to stay with a family member. I remember getting a phone call from my neighbor saying that he had broken into our side of the basement to grab some of our belongings for my family and I. We returned a couple of days after the flooding had gone down to a disaster. Photos were ruined as well as clothing, flooring, furniture, and more. My mom was a single parent and could no way pay to have our basement fixed. Luckily she had insurance that had covered flooding. While the money wouldn’t bring back the pictures and personal items we had lost, it helped us rebuild our home and continue to enjoy our house.

April 16, 2012, my uncle as well as three other men passed away unexpectedly. No one wants to think about their loved ones dying unexpectedly, but people need to have a plan in case an unfortunate event occurs. Three of the men in the car, my uncle included, had life insurance. One of the gentleman did not. Now, I am not saying that having insurance is going to take away the pain of losing a loved one, but it can help a family move on in their own lives without having to struggle even more. We saw what happened to the other family whose loved one did not have insurance. The man left behind a wife and four kids. While grieving, his wife had to figure out how to plan and pay for a funeral. We saw her freaking out, worried about her children’s future, as well as her own. She had to get a job immediately to feed her kids. She ended up having to move from her family’s home into a smaller house that she could barely afford. She was a stay at home mom whose world was turning upside down. Fortunately for my family and I, my uncle had prepared for the unlikely chance of him dying. My aunt, who is also a stay at home mom, had time to grieve without having to worry about finances. Both of her sons were able to finish college without having to take out loans and my aunt was able to stay in her home and continue the life style that she was accustomed to. To this day, my aunt still tells people how grateful she is that my uncle had life insurance. To her, having insurance was my uncle’s last way of showing his love for her. He never wanted her to struggle and by planning for unforeseen events, he was able to protect her even after he was gone. She is constantly telling people why it is important to have insurance. Without it, she would have had an even harder time dealing with the passing of my uncle.

Insurance is important to me. It protects people and gives those a peace of mind during horrific times. I can positively say that without insurance, my life and the life of those in my family would have been a lot more chaotic. If my uncle had not had life insurance, my aunt would have had to move from her home; her sons would not have been able to afford college, and her life would have been turned even more upside down. For my mom, if we had not had insurance during the flood, we would not have had the money to fix our house. We would have been living in a dirty and most likely moldy area that would have caused illness. I know how important insurance is, and no matter what I will have it. If paying for insurance means giving up another cost in my life, I will do so. Insurance is a peace of mind, a safe haven, and important to have.

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