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There are several different types of insurance that is available to an individual. The types of insurance that I am most familiar with is life, auto, home, and health insurance (mostly because of my mom).  I have heard her often talk about our “plans” as well.  Since, I have not yet had to have my own insurance I will tell you how having these plans have been beneficial to not only me but my family as well.

Having health insurance is important for everyone. Not only is this a negative when it comes to filling taxes but it is vital in case of emergencies and receiving preventative care.  I do not personally have my own health insurance that comes out of my paycheck as I am soon to be a college student in a few short weeks, but my mother has provided me with this.  If I did not have health insurance she would be responsible for the out of pocket expenses for any and all health care I receive.  My grandmother has Multiple Sclerosis and having health insurance has made it possible for her to receive the care that she needs to help delay  progression of this disease and help cope with her “flare-ups”; so that we may enjoy each day that she has with us.  One medication alone is over $1,000 a month.  This is just one example of how having health insurance helps with medical bills and treatment.  Health insurance can ease a person’s mind, by knowing that they have the ability to seek treatment without the fear or “affording” to seek treatment. I asked my mom why health insurance is important to her. She told me about how most people even with health insurance struggle due to past due bills, or having poor credit mostly because of medical bills that have accrued over time. Those with a chronic illness tend to suffer the most from the back lash of medical treatment.  However, having medical/health insurance at all definitely helps relieve some stress by knowing that a person can seek care when needed and not when they care afford to. Being a student with a major related to the medical field, I know that health insurance is going to be important in order for them to get the medication they need.

I was told that not too long after I was born, my great grandmother had invested in something called Gerber life insurance.  Now, I was not aware of this at the time, but now that I am older my great grandma showed me my life insurance policy.  Once I graduated from high school, she had told me that I could use it towards college or keep paying in for the same amount of money.  I still do not know much about it except that my funeral will be covered should anything happen to me, or that I have options.  I like knowing that my mom will not have to worry about my funeral and can remember the times that we had together.   My mom often talks about her life insurance.  She tells me what she has and what to do should anything happen to her. She is also happy to presently have life insurance because she could not afford the payment until recently.  My mom said that she feels some weight lifted knowing that my three sisters and I would not have to worry about the bills left behind.  I now know how important it is to have life insurance first hand instead of hearing everyone around me talking about the money people want when we have a death in the family.  Up until the past few months I didn’t know then what they were talking about. I thought what money?  From where? I remember hearing, “Well did they leave me any money?” When my papa passed away, I saw my grandma not only grieve the loss of her husband but worry about the expenses for his funeral and how she was going to “make it” now that he is gone without his money.  My papa didn’t have life insurance. My grandma said because of his age it was too expensive, so they never got one. She said she just hoped nothing would happen to her because she knew how to care for herself and find a way to survive should something happen to him. Grandma ended up having to take money out of the house and get a loan. It is hard on her financially. Often times she has to decide whether or not to buy groceries. She now wishes they had a life insurance policy, so that she can morn the loss of her loved one instead of worrying about bills.  We have also lost my great uncle recently. He had life insurance and although it was not much it covered his funeral expenses without adding stress to the family.

Having car insurance or more specifically auto insurance is essential.  Not only is it illegal to drive without car insurance but not smart either.  Car insurance helps with accidents and injuries to those involved in the accident or to vandalism.  Recently my mom called our insurance company to inquire about the rates should I be taken off of her policy.  The insurance policy was going to be too expensive to change due to my age, so my mom continued to keep me on her policy for now.  This was the recommendation as I am going to be in college.

The last insurance that I can think of is home/house insurance.  This is a topic close to heart as we had a house fire a few years ago.  My mom didn’t have insurance on the house or any of the things we had in the house, so we lost everything.  It was very traumatic for all of us. My mom still struggles with the aftermath of the fire.

Being the recipient of the Enhanced Insurance Scholarship would do so much more than just relieve financial stress and debt. I’m the oldest child of four in my household. My mom is a single mother who works very hard to provide. She alone has $70,000 is student loan debt and has taught me the true meaning of hard work. Having this scholarship would make it possible for me to be able to pay my tuition, afford text books, supplies, gas to commute to my classes and food while I’m at school. I thank you for your time.

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