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Insurance generally is one of those things you hear about it some much and never understood how important it was until you’re on your own. Let’s just say for starters, everyone in the U.S. should really lean towards having insurance especially if Donald Trump becomes president. By January 24, 2017 I will officially become legal and till this day I never really knew the true art behind insurance. Doing a little research for those like me, insurance is basically indemnity. Using my prior knowledge indemnity is the protection or security against a loss or financial burden from the worst case.  It’s hard to educate yourself on this subject at such young age, but hopefully this would shed some light. There’s all types of insurances and companies; for instance you could have Geico, Allstate you know the one’s with the funny commercials and catchy theme songs. Some insurances are mandatory by state; so that wouldn’t be a worry. Likewise an automobile users, they must carry a minimum for car he or she owns.  Although not many are good companies by not telling you the small cons.

Before you decide which insurance company you want to hang on to, do a little more research about them. Last thing you want is them saying, “We’re willing to pay.” when in reality they’re willing to pay the smallest amount possible.  Become an introvert when dealing with insurance companies. They could really pay off in the end, literally when you’re at the end of life but hanging from a thread. Paying for the benefits to a person who derives advantage from something, especially a trust. What we all know as life insurance.

We could die any point in time not knowing, whether it’ll be by rushing home from getting an alert about burglars breaking into your home, then suddenly approaching the house you’re shot and killed. Sadly now you’ve been murdered but even worse you’ve also committed a crime. In the process of leaving the parking lot you’ve hit a family in a SUV and kept driving dealing with this mass hysteria. Although the family is safe, their car isn’t however. Good thing they have liability insurance to cover them and the damage that’s been done. Much like a safety net for when something goes wrong. Typically that’s how the storyline goes, well from a commercials perspective.

Statements like that which are literally true, but nevertheless misleading. If you didn’t quite catch on to that example I’ve got a better one. As a teenager, my phone is so valuable to me. Keeping not only memories, but stats, assignments, and personal information. If all that and more so happenly ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time. My life would be out of business, seriously. “Cannon Ball !” after you’ve plunged off that pavement, high and airborne, at that moment you knew you messed up. No turning back, long hard loved memories gone forever. Although you could still manage to save one thing. Which would be your phone, obviously,  like who would want to save just pictures or apps when you could save it all and no I don’t mean by sitting it in rice. By getting insurance on your phone, you never know. With getting a brand new phone I’m sure the company might upgrade it for you as well to the latest model, sounds neat right?

Finally, we’ve come to a stop knowing what insurance is, how it works, and giving you examples of imaginable representations that are some what true. Having insurance is the best protection and keeps me from being indebt or hopeless in tragic situations.  Ensuring families and businesses with stability. Though there are many different types of insurances they all fall under the same definition some way. Life insurance, health insurance, homeowner insurance etc. there’s many out there. Even the businesses you work for or plan to should be carrying some sort of liability insurance mainly for you and their safety.  This would save the business from financial ruins in the future. What I’m trying to get at is don’t be that cheap stubborn person to think nothing could go wrong. Especially for you regular day people, that travel a lot or if you’re even thinking about having kids. Get insurance, it saved me and my mom’s life and sure would save yours. Also for those who are entering this contest as well you too should get life insurance, you never know might have a nervous breakdown while typing this like I almost did.

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