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Long ago and seemingly so far away, I was a mere child at the age of five. I couldn’t even say insurance, much less understand what it meant. Through the help of my parents and other family near by, I came to better understand the benefits of having life, home, and car insurance.

When I was 9 months old, my father suffered a very untimely death. It was only by he and my mom’s good decision making that they were able to secure our assets and my future financial needs. I am now seventeen years old, and because of my father’s life insurance policy it has allowed my mother to pay off the house that they had purchased mutually, supported me with clothes, food, transportation, and a down payment on my college expenses.

My family experienced personal loss of many household items and structure damage when I was ten. We had just returned home from church one Sunday afternoon to find that a pipe had burst and flooded our entire home. Our agent from Country Financial Insurance was quick to come and give my parents the financial support we needed to restore our home. That was my first recollection of how insurance effected me directly.

My cousin Haley, has told me on different occasions, of the time when she was two and her home was broken into by burglars. She and her father were visiting her grandmother next door when their dog, Bozo, started barking hysterically to warm them that something was up. Her dad ran down the trail to their home to find two burglars who had broke into their home and was vandalizing it. One of the burglars even pulled a gun on her dad. Haley is now 24 years old but still can recall how violated and empty she felt knowing people meant harm to not only her family, but to all of their belongings as well. The burglars got away and were never found. She said before sundown that night, their family’s Alfa Insurance agent made sure the home was secure and the back door was replaced. Shortly after the incident, their Alfa agent gave them a check for the damages and belongings lost. They were then able to secure the house with an alarm system. Haley said her sense of security, even at the age of two, was shaken terribly.

Falling asleep while driving, led to my cousin Zack’s sudden departure from the road. He was coming home late one night and fell asleep about two miles from his home. He was awakened when his sideview mirror hit a cedar tree, broke, and cut him in the back of the head, just before the car rested against another tree. When he regained his senses, he climbed out of the driver’s side window, took his shirt off to hold on his bleeding head, and waved down his friend, Sean, that lived near by. Sean brought him home to his awaiting parents who were scared to death. His mother took him to her work where the doctor cleaned cedar tree, dirt, and wood pieces out of the five inch long cut located on the back of his scalp. It took fourteen staples to close the wound on his scalp. It was not until Zack arrived back home that he explained to his mother and father he had double vision in his left eye. The next day, his mother took him to an eye specialist who told him that he had fourth cranial nerve damage. He stated that it could potentially last two weeks, six months, one year, or possibly permanent. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia was their medical insurance carrier at the time, and payed very well on their medical claim. Alfa Insurance was their carrier for Zack’s vehicle. The car was totaled, and Alfa paid for the fence repairs on the neighbor’s property after the deductible was met. Zack learned a valuable lesson that night, and vowed to his mother that he would never drive sleepy again.

Having no insurance has never been an option for anyone in my family. The benefits for us all have outweighed any premiums that have been paid in over the years. Our insurance agents and their representatives have always been very supportive, caring, and available when we have ever called upon them. We have developed long and lasting relationships with our life, car, and home agents. I am sure after college when I have a home of my own, pay my own car insurance, get a life insurance policy for myself and my family, that I will continue in the tradition of my parents and feel secure in knowing that when life happens they will be there for me.

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