Cassondra A

You never know how good you have it till it’s gone. We are blessed in this nation and this time in history to have the opportunity to have insurance for a wide variety of things. For most of time there was not the insurance that comes to mind when insurance is brought up today. If you made a stupid decision or there was an accident of some sort you paid for it. Of course family, friends and community were closer then so they would help how they could but at the end of the day it would still be your problem, unless of course it was something really important to many people then it’s not just your problem.

I really like the idea of someone having your back, even though I would be paying them to be there and I really don’t worry about material things too much. Even though I am a relatively safe and healthy person, accidents do happen and as a student it is very comforting to know that, even though I have to pay for insurance, I be all on my own covering the expenses of an unforeseen happening. As I am a senior in high school I plan on starting college in less than a year, insurance is looking like a very wise idea; I am a very careful person and I take care of my belongings and am very careful with things which are not mine but, not everyone can say the same. Many students do not show the same care and devotion to things that are not their own and sometimes even when it is their stuff they really do not seem to care what happens.

Renters insurance is a very good idea for a student like me who want to ensure the safety of their belongings because we can’t afford to buy a bunch of new stuff to replace whatever is broken, messed up, or destroyed. Deciding where to go to continue my education, how to pay for that education and figuring out how to be an adult is scary,  even though I am not yet an adult, I feel like I have no clue what I am doing and it is being filmed and people who have their lives together and know how to be an adult watch it and laugh like it’s a new hit comedy series. All of this is hard enough without having to worry about how to replace or fix everything that gets broken or accidents that happen all by myself. I don’t want to constantly worry about my car or things breaking or an emergency trip to the hospital or going to the dentist office. I want to be able to focus on my studies because that is what I will be paying an arm and a leg for, I don’t want the time, money and effort wasted because I couldn’t focus.

Insurance is important to me because I like security. I like being sure of something and knowing that if something happens I’m not on my own. I have a family and they all love me very much, but they have lives of their own, I don’t want them worrying about me and I would feel really guilty for accepting their money but with insurance I am paying them to be there. It is like a safety net, it is me preparing for what I cannot foresee and will not expect. So if I need my wisdom teeth out I wont have to cry as much as I would have if I had to pay it all out of pocket and think about how to pay tuition and fees for college at the same time.

We are blessed with the opportunity to prepare and make sure that we are ready if worst comes to the worst. I have never been big on worrying, I know that God will provide but, I believe that this is a tool through which God provides answers to prayers. We cannot pray and then sit all tucked away in a cave, we have to use the tools He has given us. He has given us so many opportunities if we just would look for them, if we just sit in a corner we cannot expect something marvelous to happen. Could it? Yes of course it could. Is it probable? No, part of faith is action, you have to do something and in some cases that something might be getting insurance.

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