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We get into a car every day with a destination to go. We are on our way to school, home, to meet with family or friends. We do not expect anything to happen to us when we are on our way to our destination. However, not everything goes right all the time. A flat tire or something on the road could cause a crash. A crash that can break a family apart.

There is a knock on the front door. You get up and answer the door. In front of you stands two men wearing a blue uniform and a badge. They have a look of uncomfortableness and sadness. You ask what’s wrong. They tell you a loved one has been in an accident and they did not make it. Everything around you became silent. You don’t cry or say anything. The officers are talking to you but you cannot hear what they are saying. You close the door and begin a new chapter in life.

First responders reach out to give their condolences. They inform you of any scene reconstructions that would be done, autopsies, and possible causes. They are trying to shed some light on a very dark situation. You inform the family and start planning the funeral. The funeral director tells you the cost to burry your loved one; $7,000 to give your loved one the ending they deserve. You think of how you will pay for it. Later that day you get a phone call from your insurance company. They tell you that your loved one had life insurance. The biggest weight has been lifted off you and your family. You can afford to pay for the funeral and any costs associated with the death.

Weeks after the death more of the life insurance comes through. You are now able to pay off the debt left behind. You can sell your home and buy a new one if you need to. Stresses in life are not stresses anymore. You are trying to find a new way to live. Everything you thought you knew is gone.

Without your loved one having life insurance you could not afford to have a proper funeral for them. You would be stuck with their debt plus any debt you built up trying to take care of the costs of them passing. Your loved one was the source of income for the family and now it is gone. The fear of not being able to care for your family can become too much to bear. You think of what you are going to do. The stress and worry becomes too much and you think ending your life might be more beneficial in the long run. Having insurance can help in stopping those thoughts you have. It takes away financial worry.

Getting life insurance at the earliest time will benefit you in the long run. If you get to sick or have health problems, you cannot get the insurance you need. Taking time now to plan for your future will help not only your spouse but also any dependents you leave behind. You need to think of your family at the first reasonable opportunity. Your family will need to continue living even after you are gone and having money from your insurance will allow them time to grieve without having to rush back to work to keep an income coming in.

Not only will your life insurance cover costs and leave you family financially stable it will allow you to leave an inheritance to your dependents. By doing this you are leaving your kids in a better place financially. They will no longer have you around to help them with money problems, but this way you will always be there to help. Some say life insurance is not important to get at a young age, but I say it is. You never know what will happen in your life. It is better to be prepared for the worst. As we all know, it is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

Life insurance might seem like a waste to someone young who is in great health, but it is not. It could be the only thing getting someone through the roughest part of their life. Being prepared in life will leave you and your family in a better place in the end. Having peace of mind and security is why insurance is important to me. When I am no longer a dependent to my parents, I will make sure I have my own insurance because I want to make sure my family and myself will have less of a financial burden on our lives if something unpredictable happens.

It has been almost a year since you received the news about your loved one. You have provided a proper burial, grieved your loss, paid off the debt you loved one left, and have no financial stress because your loved one was prepared. You have started the new chapter in your life. No matter what happens in the future, you know you can get through it because you had to get through the worst thing that can happen to someone.

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