Casey M

Insurance may seem like something that only adults really need to worry about, but the truth is–insurance affects everyone. It was not evident to me that this was the case before a few years ago when things became difficult for my family and I on a personal level. As my family struggled personally, bills and finances were becoming more and more difficult to manage too. The stress of possibly not being able to afford providing me with the help I needed was wearing on my parents, and it really was insurance that saved us. Without our insurance, I would not have gotten that help and I would not be where I am today. This is my story:

“The sun setting over the Western Utah mountains is a sight like no other. Pastel pinks and oranges swirl together canvassing the sky with arrays of colors. The sun descends lower and lower until the mountains engulf it, leaving behind darkness. As I sat on the porch of the residential treatment center serving as my temporary home, I thought about my journey. After over a year of difficult deep discussions, processing events, and self-discovery, I was finally

preparing to return home to my family in Connecticut.

I was just a little girl when I was sexually abused. By repressing the events when I was younger, I was really only temporarily avoiding the inevitable pain I had to feel from it. When I was in seventh grade I was sexually and physically abused again by someone else, this time for over a span of two years. After I was no longer actively in the abuse, the era when I could push the horrible memories and images into the abyss of my unconscious mind was over. Shame now completely took over all my decisions, and the real Casey was locked away somewhere deep inside.

After countless different options failed to get me the help I needed to heal from my emotional wounds, my parents finally sent me to an RTC. Starting the program made me amplify my efforts to push people away and close myself off. Choices had been taken away from me, and because of this I felt that my happiness had been permanently stolen. So I locked my doors and hid behind walls I put up to protect myself.

Healing takes time, and it took a while, but I finally began to understand the truth of my situation. I realized that I did not have a choice in what happened to me, but I did have a choice with where I went from there. This completely changed my life. I began to see that I did have choices, and once I recognized that, I made the choice to lead a happy life. Piece by piece I began to rebuild myself, with a new understanding of who I am and how important I am as a human being. I adopted a greater understanding of life, and the people in it.

Watching the Utah sun sink behind the mountains, I sat with gratitude for the trials I had faced. Those trials helped me to grow as a person, and even allowed me to know who I truly am. I had a full understanding of my power to always make my own decisions. Even if those decisions are only on how I react to a situation, it is still a choice that I have, and I am the only one who can make it.

It has been months now since I left Utah, but everything I have learned there will be with me forever. My experiences have given me clarity with what my life purpose is: to help other people that are going through some of the same things that I have. I believe that my trials have even given me valuable assets in the field of psychology. I know there are still many hard times to come for me, but I also know that I am completely capable of handling whatever is thrown at me. So bring it on, life.”

This is actually my college essay, and the reason I chose to put this in here is because I wanted to make a point that this treatment really changed my life. At the same time, this treatment was insanely expensive and another expense on top of three other kids, one of which is attending a prestigious college with a prestigious yearly tuition. Without insurance helping to cover some of the cost of the program, I would not have gotten this level of care. Insurance did not cure my PTSD, but it did grant me the opportunity to heal in a facility that could truly help me. For this I am beyond grateful for the insurance my family has, and the help it has given us financially to deal with all the hurdles we have in life.

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