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Insurance is the guarantee that whatever happens in one’s life, they will have no worries because they are insured or entitled to protection and safety. The use of insurance is important to many people. Whether it’s used to insure that if a person loses their car, if something happens to a person’s home, if someone’s health begins to deteriorate, and if a loved one loses his or her life, those people are insured that they will not have to be burdened with expenses and debt that would be completely impossible to pay off in due time.

Car insurance is dearly needed for when people get into motor vehicle accidents. It has been reported that “nearly 1.3 million people die inroad crashes each year…[and on average] an additional 20-50 million are injured and or disabled” ( This statistic shows how when people get into motor vehicular accidents, it’s crucial that they get or have  insurance because after one is involved in an accident, they have to soon be ready to get behind the wheel again. Yet, if the person’s car is totaled how will they commute back to work to pay for their bills and new added on expenses, if they have no car? This type of situation can usually be taken care of with the simple use of insurance. Auto insurance can help protect a person from having to pay for whole auto expenses and repairs. Auto insurance also helps provide coverage for one’s damages to their car and protects a person from having to pay for accidents from out of their pockets.

In addition, Health insurance is also an important necessity and contributes a great portion to today’s society. As the population over the world is increasing, the introduction of different diseases and infections is on the rise. In this case,  this means that the need for health insurance is also on the rise as well; as it is a great way to help people pay for their “medical and surgical expenses … [and] it reimburses the insured for expenses incurred from illnesses…” (Investopedia). Though health insurance is an important need, not everyone is able to provide for themselves in this manner. In 1965 the government launched the introduction of Medicare and Medicaid; they were created to be the alternative to health insurance, since not everyone in our country could afford it. Medicare was created to provide health insurance for people who are 65 and above, and it’s also available for people who have disabilities and or ESRD (End-Stage Renal Disease). Medicare is also broken up into four parts: Medicare A helps people pay for their inpatient hospital stays, nursing facility care, and hospice care. Medicare B helps pay for doctors services, outpatient care, and medical and preventative services. Medicare C mainly provides  the same services as Medicare A and B ,and it provides assistance for special needs plans. And finally Medicare D provides coverage for the costs of most prescription drugs (

In addition to government assistance programs, Medicaid is another alternative to health insurance. Though people who are ages 65 and above can apply, the assistance is usually limited to poor people under 19, pregnant mothers, people with disabilities, families with low income, and eligible immigrants. The program helps pay for doctors visits, hospital stays, long term services and supports, preventative care (immunizations, mammograms, and colonoscopies), prenatal and maternity care, mental health care, vision care, dental care, and medications (

And lastly, another important type of insurance is Life insurance. Life insurance helps many families when a family member and or loved one passes on. When that member dies, their bills and other expenses do not go away; the persons family then is left paying their bills and that person’s funeral bills, as well. Life insurance then comes in to play, to help alleviate the family’s burdens and help pay for most of the expenses; whatever is left, is given to the beneficiary.

In conclusion, insurance today is a crucial need for today’s day and age. As we all plan on continuing our lives living our normal schedules, we never know when something major or minor could go wrong. For this reason, this is why insurance is important, it gives us a sense of security and prepares us for any type of disasters that come our way.

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