Caleb M

In todays society, insurance is vital to the average citizen of the United States. My first point is, It creates a brighter future for my loved ones. I no longer need to be fearful of the uncertanties of life. I can have the peace of mind that an insuarnce agency has my back. I can begin to live a little so to speak. It is sad to watch families live in fear becasue of lack of stability they have without insurance. Part of being an American is being free, free to make your own decisions and pursue your ambitions. America is full of unique and exciting opportunities that should not be hindered by the lack of insurance. You should be able to pursue your dreams without anxiety, aversion or despair. Having insuarnce can gives me the freedom to be me and to follow my ambitions and conquer the distance.

My second point is, it protects my family’s welfare in case of a disaster. Now, I say this because many Americans that do not have the shelter of insurance many times live in fear from day to day. People like this are fearful that some event in their life, such as a auto wreck, natural disaster, or unfortunate event may occur. If any of these circumstances were to take place, these uninsured families will have no where to go for financial aid. They will become grossly in debt and they will work the rest of their lives in attepmt to recover from their copious amounts of debt. Many times you see families without insurance involved in natural disasters lose everything. They have no insurance to lean on when their homes are destroyed. Today we are all to aware of the destruction of disasters. Tornados are known to rip through the midwest destroying everything in their paths. Hurricanes flood the lower states casuing tremendous amounts of water damage. Insurance allows the victims of natural disasters to recover and restart their lives as if nothing happened.

Death is something that will find you one day, no matter who you are when your time is up, its up. There is no going around that whole concept. Everything has a cycle, it is created and it will then die.It is a part of everyday life. Even though death is feared becasue of the mysteriousness of it, we can now not be so fearful of it. Having insurance gives me hope that when a family member dies, my insurance company will be able to assist in paying for the funeral. Today’s average funeral cost is anywhere from $7,000 – $10,000 which is a lot of money. Knowing that my family will not have to pay all that by themselves is very reassuring. It gives me hope of a better future.

I am many times fearful that someone in my family might develop a serious disease or sickness. This could result in all sorts of unexpected doctors visits as well as emergency hospital visits. Sadly cancer is a part of our daily lives as it seems. We all know people who have been affected by cancer and its consequences. Since cancer is so prevelant in todays society it seems no one is safe from this terrible disease. Cancer is an expensive disease so to speak. The newly approved drugs cost around $10,000 per month and some therapies estimating $30,000 a month. For most families this is impossible to afford. My aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago. It was a very trying time for my family. My aunt was constantly going to the hospital for doctors appointments and checkups. Not only were the doctors appointments very expensive, she also had to buy drugs as well as go to various therapies. Without having insurance, my aunt would not have been able to afford the treatments. Thankfully, since she did have insurance, she and her family were able to afford the treatment and as of today she is cancer free.

My father is a hard working man. Having the knowledge that one day he will be able to retire is awesome. However, in todays society we see less and less people retiring at the average age of 65. This is becasue many Americans do not invest in pension plans to help them pay their way through their years in retirement. I am thankful that my father has a plan and that I do not need to worry about him working his whole life because he wasn’t insured.

This past year my older sister was hit by a car. Thankfully since we had insurance the thousands of dollars in medical bills were paid for. We were able to continue our lives as if nothing happend because of the lack of debt we had after the accident.

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