Brooke B

I am not the best driver out there. I have been in four accidents since I have started driving. I have had two accidents that was my fault and two that were not my fault. If you have seen your insurance lady as much as I have, they can really save you. Over the summer I had gotten into a very minor accident. As I would call it, a little love tap. I had hit the back passenger corner of the car and had pulled paint off. The damage was very minor. My dad and I had decided we were not going to file on insurance but we were gonna tell them about the accident so, they knew what was going on. Car insurance was a good sent at that time. The people who I had hit was coming after me from every direction. After I had sent them a check to take care of the damages they called my insurance to try and file. My insurance talked them around filing while they got me on the phone to tell me what was going on. I had called the family and said “What is wrong? Did I send the wrong amount.” They continued to say that I never paid for damages. My insurance company had copies of my bank statement and the invoice that had the amount of the damages on it. A good insurance company will fight for you, when you are innocent. My insurance has been a major part of life and making sure I am protected. In that situation I took all of their advises and they knew all the possibilities of what could happen by not filling. I have always been open and they have always been open with me. Of course insurance it cost money, and lots of it.It is also illegal to not have car insurance. Now on to my life insurance story. My mom passed away when I was fifteen years old. My had a very large insurance policy for my sister and I. She had left specific instructions for us to use it on. Honestly because my mom passed away my future family will be taken care of. Even though I am wanting to work for most of my life and get my bachelors degree, I will get to retire earlier and not have constantly worry about money. I will get to travel around the world and see everything I want to in this world and not to have to worry. Like had said before insurance is extremely, valuable. I have a family friend that does not have health insurance and he was in a very bad accident. He is working as a construction contractor now and since he does not work for a company that long he never gets health insurance or any benefits. In his car accident, he completely shattered his elbow and broke his femur. He had to have a six hour surgery on his elbow. He was in the hospital for three days. All of that cost money and most of the time health insurance would help pay but he does not have it. Of course some people luck out. The guy who my friend was in the accident with paid all of his medical bills and paying my friend off. Most people would that is look and to not bank on that for everything. Insurance is the key to life. Insurance is the backbone to everything. You must always work for things you have. Everything has been easier for me because of insurance. Even though I miss my mom everyday and grieve her, she continue to bless me with her life insurance policy. She is helping me get closer to my dreams. She always provided for me and I want that for my kids. She had always dreamed of me getting my college degree and now I am working on it. I am living in Tulsa,Ok and tornadoes do come. Many of my friends have lost home. Their home insurance has helped them get their homes back. I know that they would still be homeless if home insurance was not around. Insurance is helpful in all aspects of life. It continue to bless everyone everyday. Insurance saves us from unexpected disasters in life. It is a necessity of life. You can not truly make it in life without some form of insurance. We see commercials of insurance and hear stories of great insurances. The more insurances you have the more people you have protecting you.

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