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When researching synonyms for the word insurance, protection, coverage, and assurance appear as they should; insurance does provide all of these things.  Yet, one word that completes the definition of insurance may not be found in the Thesaurus, but rather found in the minds of people who have it.  Reassured: to put or set someone’s mind at ease.  Insurance allows people to feel safe and comforted in case something unexpected takes place.  In my own life, two recent events come to mind where insurance helped put my family and myself at ease during a stressful and unfamiliar time.

A few months ago, I had an appointment scheduled for a children’s cardiologist.  Over the past sixth months I experienced pain when I went running.  Normally, I am a very active and motivated teenager who loves to run outside, yet the pain was becoming too much for me to bear.  After about a tenth of a mile running, I would suddenly experience a pain shoot through my shoulder and into my chest and back around my heart.  In the beginning I would try to push through the pain just to finish my run (that I had barely started), but the pain sometimes got worse.  I would have to clinch my chest and come to an immediate halt to soothe the pain, which heightened my fears.  I told my parents that it felt like my heart was cramping up or was going to explode, and that was when my parents called the cardiologist.  I went in the first time to have an electrocardiogram (EKG) and an ultrasound done to see if anything abnormal came back.  They found that there are two tiny holes in the upper region of my heart, but that wasn’t what was causing the pain.  (The holes turned out to be insignificant and should not cause any problems for my heart to function.)  The doctor then decided to schedule me for a stress test to analyze those results as well, which came back as normal.  The doctor concluded that my heart is perfectly healthy, and the chest pain seems to be the lingering effects of my Lyme Disease. Lyme Disease is known to cause muscle weakness or pain including in your heart, which is considered a muscle.  As my mom and I left the doctor’s office, I felt so relieved to find out that nothing was seriously wrong with my heart and that I could get back to running again.  As we were walking out, my mom looked down at the receipt for the doctor’s visit and said, “Wow, I’m glad we have health insurance.”  I asked her how much it would have been without insurance and it would have been well over $1,000.  If insurance didn’t cover part of this medical bill, I honestly doubt that I would ever have gone to see the cardiologist.  I would have continued to push through the pain or stopped running completely out of fear, because it would have been too expensive for my family to afford for one doctor’s visit.   I never would have found out that Lyme Disease can even cause pain in your heart, but that otherwise I am healthy.  Because of insurance I feel reassured knowing that I can get back to enjoying running outside and I now know how to push through yet another symptom of Lyme Disease.

My second example has to do with auto insurance and how important it is for all drivers to have.  I recently got my license after completing the Behind the Wheel course and am excited to be a fully licensed driver.  To be able to drive on my own means that I now can help my parents run errands and take myself to my afterschool activities. It is a wonderful feeling of independence.  However, the day I completed Behind the Wheel and received my temporary license, fear crept into my being.  What if I get into a crash?  What if someone hits me?  All these thoughts started to flow in my mind instead of being enthusiastic to have my license; I was now filled with trepidation.  I had seen some pretty bad crashes while driving on the highway or even in my neighborhood; one image especially stuck in my mind of a recent crash my family and I saw on our way down to North Carolina.  On the opposite side of Highway 29, one car had gotten into a severe crash where it had flipped over many times and landed top side down.  It appeared as if the car had been smashed together on the top and bottom. Glass and debris filled the streets as the air became filled with the sound of police cars and ambulances coming to the scene.  I am not sure if the driver survived, but the car seemed unrepairable.  My thoughts began to become occupied with fear of the unknown.  How would my family pay for all the damage a crash could cause? Repairing a car can easily become extremely expensive.  Later that day my mom called our insurance company to add me to our auto insurance and it was what she said after the call that made me think, “You can now fully drive since you are a part of our insurance plan.”  Now I was safe; I didn’t have to worry about the unknown expenses of getting into an accident because I know that I am insured.  With my worries gone, I can be more focused and feel more comfortable and less tense while driving.  Our auto insurance truly makes me feel reassured while on the road and to always remind myself of that feeling, I keep my insurance card in the glove compartment of my car at all times.

Thus, insurance plays a large part in my life as it should in everyone’s.  It is important to me because it provides me with reassurance that I have coverage and protection in case the unexpected happens.  I am grateful to my parents who always make sure that we have the best coverage for each type of insurance we have.  It is often overlooked by people in my generation how much insurance plays a part of our lives, which is a sad but true statement.  Insurance is vital to our wellbeing in this world and the feeling of reassurance it provides reduces possible stress both now and in the future.  Therefore, the importance of insurance can never be fully explained in just a few pages, but the most important aspect of it is how it makes people feel: Reassured.

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