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My life is always going through stages. This also includes my money. Either it is growing or it’s going. My life and my money are always going through some risky events . I have to have that protector when risk presents itself. So I appreciate the invention of insurance. It was made to be a protector of all the things I treasure the most- my life, family, auto, home, etc.

It is inevitable how much money plays such a major role in the events of our lives. It is used and needed for just about every transaction we make. Bartering is somewhat of a lost art. I believe in, but it’s something in our society that we do not practice. So I always need money for many life events. I need to find ways at growing my money. My family needs me so they can have the things they need that money provides for. But what do we do if or when the money stops. What do we do when tragedy attacks my finances and put a halt to my upward mobility. What will we do when that precious love one passes away.  This is why insurance is important to me. It can help cushion the blows of life if something was to happen to my life, my health, my business, etc. Tragedy is  a reality that we all will face. My insurances have helped in  times past, cope with the sudden realities that abruptly presented themselves.

I am a student studying business at AIU in Atlanta, GA. Through my studies, I have come to a deeper understanding of the insurance industry.  When I was much younger, insurance had always been that evil necessity that was mandated to me by the state. My parents harped about making sure I have health and life insurance. I thought they lived too negative for me to be always worried about something happening and I could not afford to pay or recoup that lost revenue. I was young and dumb with not much business savvy. But as I got older and found out why insurance was invented to help my business and while I am growing my business, it can be there to help manage the risk of growth. When I was young, I had no respect for risk, I just took them.  Now that I am older, I have a healthy relationship with risk and I manage risk to bring out its benefits. I have insurances that help me manage these risks I have taken in my business.

Moreover, I look at insurance like a mountain climber. As I am climbing a mountain, I have these pegs or spikes that I lodge into the mountain as I climb. I have a harness wrapped around me and hooked on at every level I am spiked. This ensures that I if I were to slip and fall or slide down the mountain, my harness will latch on to the last spike I lodged into the cliffs. This keeps me  from having to start all over or falling to my death. It’s called benchmarking. This is what my insurance is to me. It is like a benchmark for me in life and business. I may never use it, but if I have to, I want to make sure that I do not fall any further than my benchmark. Benchmarks are passed down reality lessons that people have shared with others and in my living, I have come to find the truth within these statements. I use my insurances as benchmarks. I do not want my family to have to suffer a double tragedy if I were to die. I am already gone physically, now the revenue that I generated for the house is gone too. My insurance helps to benchmark that especially when my children are young and will need that funding for college and growing up expenses.

Lastly,  insurance is important to me because I do not have the time to start over.  I am on a destination that has taken much of my time and effort and I do not need to see these milestones erased due to some tragedy, bad idea, recession, etc. I am going to fight for my right to grow and my insurances that I strategically purchased will help me do just that. I am a businessman now and this is part of my portfolio of business assets that are being used to develop my business legacy.

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