Brianna W

Insurance is a need in this world. If we did not have insurance; a lot of us would be in a lot of trouble.

Insurance is very important to me; it would keep me out of financial loss. If I ever had an emergency and had to rush to the emergency room; insurance would pay for all the damage. When I turn 18, I am going to need insurance. Right now us young children have a card called AR kids or another sort of insurance. Right now, we are set for a while for insurance. That is; until we turn 18 years old. If I do not have insurance then I will not be able to do many things; like go to the doctor. When I move out, I am going to need home insurance, and health insurance. If I do not have home insurance; how will I own a home to where I can stay in? If I do not have auto insurance, how am I supposed to drive to my destination? Having home, auto insurance and much more is a must do.

I have many plans for when I graduate; including going to college. I am wanting to to go to Ozarka College in Ash Flat, Arkansas. If I get accepted into this college, I am wanting to become a Licensed Practical Nurse. When I have become an LPN, I am wanting to go start to an RN. Which is a Registered Nurse, that is what I want my main goal in life to be. When I become a RN after a couple years, I am wanting to go into the Navy. Here is where insurance comes up in the Navy. The Navy provides you health insurance, if you are to get hurt; this health insurance will help you big time.

Many people have asked me why I want to go to the Navy when I become an RN? I would love to not be stuck in a small town; I want to explore the world. I love to help people who are in the need of help and I want to go places that I have never been. I want to enjoy my job and have fun while I am living; the Navy seems like the best solution. I would get to travel the world, I would get paid, I would be doing my job. I would most likely be getting paid more than other nurses there, because I would be going in certified and know what I am doing. I am needing all the money I can get. The area of studying I am wanting is Nursing and it is highly expensive.

My mom and stepdad do not have the money to help me out, I have five little brothers that they have to take care of. I am wanting to go start at Ozarka College in Fall 2017, basically right after I graduate. This scholarship would help me out a lot financially. I work at a small town Subway in Batesville, AR; and it definitely will not pay for my college. My parents really want to help me out with college, but I do not like them helping me when I know they already have too many bills to pay. I would like to show them I can sign up for scholarships and be able to be independent. Becoming a Registered Nurse would make them so proud of me. I would be the first in my family out of grandchildren to actually go to college.

Insurance provides risk coverage for you, and also to your family. Insurance covers everyone and provides risk coverage for everyone. When you have insurance it  makes you have a better piece of mind, it makes you not worry as much. Insurance is a need in this world; you need insurance to be safe and risk free. Why would you want to ask all of your life, “Why didn’t I get insurance?” You may have a sudden death in your family, and life insurance will cover you and take care of you. There are many times where you have gotten hurt and had no money, who saved you and paid for the damage? Insurance.

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