Briana S

Life is unpredictable and can change so suddenly. My life has been a series of these quick changes that had left my family feeling vulnerable and scared. There was no way to know in those moments that everything was going to work out in the end. We needed a security blanket, and our insurance was part of that feeling of comfort. Insurance is more than just a product that we pay for monthly to make sure our car can be repaired when a 17-year-old rear-ends us while texting. Insurance is knowing that even if life is difficult and can fluctuate so quickly, someone somewhere has our back. Insurance is peace of mind, and to me that means more than anything.

In March of 2016, I got a call at 6:30 in the morning from my boyfriend telling me that his dad had just had a stroke and that he needed me there with him. It was terrifying. Watching his dad, one of the toughest men I have ever met in my life, lying unconscious with tubes everywhere was completely alien to me. The entire family was quiet and sullen; my own boyfriend who is always teasing me and making little jokes to make his mom smile, was sitting in the corner of the hospital room completely shaken. No one wanted to move or breathe, we all just wanted Dave to wake up and go on with life like the brain injury never happened. I wasn’t a rational thought, but when a man that has always supported his family, never backed down to defend his son, and has been strong for over 60 years could not even speak, your brain starts thinking irrationally. I remember sitting in the lobby with Debi, my boyfriend’s mother, while she looked over paper work. There was this moment of panic when it looked like the insurance was not going to cover Dave’s stay or the caret that he needed for some recovery. She started crying while her oldest son went into the hallway to call the company. We were all worried and tense. What would happen if nothing could be done? What were we going to do to help?

Her son was on the phone for an hour talking to several different people about their health insurance and the coverage they had. Debi kept squeezing my hand every time he’d give a thumbs-up through the window. She had some hope and that was all that mattered. Then her son came in with the phone in one hand and a huge smile on his face. The insurance was better than good, it was perfect. Everything they wanted covered, even the rehabilitation after the hospital stay, were going to be taken care of and the family didn’t have to worry. They were told to just take care of each other. The feeling of relief that came into the lobby was so beautiful. I watched as my boyfriend’s entire family started hugging each other and crying – they knew that even though the next years were going to be so incredibly hard, they had a team that had their back.

That moment is what insurance means to me. That feeling of knowing that a small part, or sometimes a huge part, of a bad situation is going to turn out wonderful in the end. It’s that knowledge that if I were to die tomorrow, my life insurance would make sure my mom would not go into debt because of my student loans. The fact that even if the texter destroyed my car, I’d be okay in the end. Insurance is the eye of the storm – that feeling of peace in the craziness. To me, that feeling is irreplaceable. Nothing compares to knowing that everything is going to work one way or another.

Working for an insurance agent for a summer also helped me to realize how valuable that feeling, and insurance as a whole, truly is. I got to see firsthand how the lack of insurance devastated people in our small community. Even the smallest windshield crack to hitting an elk (which happens around 5 times a week in Northern Arizona) was a messy situation when the clients did not have any coverage. They would come into the office crying and it would be so hard to tell them that they didn’t have coverage. We would do everything to help, but in the end, there was only so much our office could do when there was so insurance to begin with. That lack of security only showed me more and more each day how important is was to be covered and to continue paying for our insurance. I never wanted to have that feeling of safety taken away when horrible things happened in my life. Insurance is that safety blanket and without it many families would be lost. It is priceless. As I continue to grow and become a mother and wife one day, I want that comfort to continue. There is not a chance that I would risk my family because of a lack of insurance. I want them all to be protected in every possible way, and I will be forever willing to put in the effort to making sure that happens. Knowing that if anything were to happen to me, my kids would be safe is a feeling that cannot be replaced. Insurance provides that and that means more to me than anything in the world.

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