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Life is extremely unpredictable.  From natural disasters to horrific accidents, a person can never fully ensure their safety.  Although, maybe humans don’t constantly need to worry if they are completely safe, but only need a reason to worry less.  It may be human nature to be cautious of unfamiliar things, but wouldn’t that instinct fade if there were a solution to it?  Insurance was the solution. It was first seen as early as 1700s BC within a set of laws created by King Hammurabi, which included a means of insurance for debtors.  Since the beginning of time, it is apparent that humans have desired a sense of security, and they created it under the term of insurance.

The purpose of insurance is to provide compensation for the occurrence of negative events that are out of a person’s control.  The change insurance has had on society is extremely noticeable.  Drivers reach top speeds because they have car insurance, dare devils attempt dangerous feats because they have health insurance, and homeowners slack on bills because they have mortgage insurance. The bottom line is that if society has this backup plan, they no longer worry.

What the common public fails to realize is that they progress through life without worrying.  Many less privileged areas of the world consist of people who never receive compensation for events they can’t control and never receive any amount of reassurance that they will see tomorrow.  These people are not supported through the tragic disasters or attacks they are born into.  The lack of progression in these societies is no coincidence with the obvious lack of insurance systems.  Communities of Ethiopia and Liberia are just some examples of people who struggle day to day to survive.  The people of these areas lack food, water, shelter, and any feeling of safety.  Without insurance, these communities can’t escape their fears and worries of life and don’t escape the human characteristic the rest of society has forgotten about.  Today’s civilization has adapted around the theory of insurance and those who haven’t are falling behind at an alarming rate.

The governments of the world have a key impact on the execution of insurance systems in their communities.  In the United States, health insurance systems, such as Obamacare, are implemented to allow Americans a feeling of wellbeing.  Less fortunate countries with weak governments, like Iraq, fail to protect their people or provide for them.  The difference between America and Iraq is so immeasurable simply because people in Iraq don’t feel safe and, therefore, can’t focus on improving their country.  The needs of the people must be met in order for a nation to thrive.

Society progresses under insurance policies proficiently because a lack of fear creates much more time for thought.  An example of this can be seen in the history of ancient Rome.  The Romans formed maritime, cargo, and some of the first recorded health insurance policies in history.  These innovations of that time can be seen as a direct reason for the extensive architecture and complex worship systems created in that society.  If a person doesn’t feel the need to worry about staying alive, that energy goes into putting a man on the moon, creating the internet, or even realizing that an apple falling from a tree is not just food, but is the theory of gravity.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs states that in order for a human to provide to society, their basic needs of physiological and safety needs must be met.  If a human does not feel safe, they will never meet their full potential.  Insurance has fulfilled and protected the basic needs of people, allowing civilization to grow and improve. It should be obvious why insurance is important to me; I don’t want to spend my life worrying. I want to go through my life trying to reach my full potential and contributing to society.  If I know my house, my family, and my health are all protected, then there is nothing holding me back from striving for more.  Insurance gives me an advantage over those without it, who will never dream of anything more than the need to survive.

Going through life knowing my family’s cars, our home, and our lives are all insured gives us a sense of comfort.  A few years back, my mother and I were hit by a reckless driver and spun off the road.  In this situation, most people would have been concerned about the condition of their car, but our insurance allowed us to worry less.

The monthly payments attached to insurance policies are well worth the sense of security and safety they bring a person.  In a world with so much violence, death, and tragedies, it is reassuring to know there are systems meant to support us.  Insurance was created to remind people that you can’t predict the worst, but you can be prepared for it.  Mankind may never be able to ensure a long and perfect life, but we can live a worry free life, which to me, is more important.

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