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Insurance is important to me because without it, the results can lead to permanent loss of possessions, or even death due to improper or insufficient medical attention. Personally, I’ve just witnessed a direct example of why insurance is extremely important. I am from Detroit, Michigan, where the worst of weather we would get is about 6 feet of snow during any given winter evening. In June of 2016, I relocated to Daytona Beach, Florida, about 4 blocks away from the Atlantic ocean coastline. A few weeks ago, I just survived my first “state of emergency” natural disaster, Hurricane Mathew. However, my apartment on the other hand, didn’t make it out so well. Due to previous existing mold damage in the structure of my apartment building, my apartment received devastating damage. The ceiling above my bed was missing drywall, and suffered massive leaking due to 100 miles per hour winds and rain. My girlfriend is a concert Dj that owns quite a bit of pretty expensive equipment, totaling to roughly $10,000 in value. Fortunately we took all of our valuables with us as we fled to the north central “safe zone” of Florida two days prior to Hurricane Mathews arrival. The result’s of leaving the uninsured equipment there could have been literally life changing.

A friend of mine was forced to relocate back home to New York because of his house falling on top of his car. If it wasn’t for FEMA, he would have been out of a car and a home. Some people neglect insurance and try to avoid it because they believe that misfortunes would never come to them. Fact of the matter is that nothing in life is guaranteed. Insurers have also gotten pretty particular in who they insure now a days. If someone has been dropped by their insurer, or turned down because their home is considered a high risk, it could be difficult and extremely expensive to insure their home. Therefore if you find an insurance company that will treat you fair compared to others, it’ll be best to give them a shot and stick with them.

On another note, the other forms of insurance are equally important. Especially life insurance. I have witnessed family members that have passed away without life insurance, and left behind outstanding debt and unsecured funeral expenses to their children. The expenses were left up to the responsibility of close family members of the deceased to solve the dilemma. Which is extremely unfair to do. Like I said earlier, nothing lasts forever, and eventually we all must die. No one knows when. It could be tonight, it could be next week, or 50 years from now, but it will surely happen. Life insurance protects your loved ones from the unknowable, and helps them through an otherwise difficult moment of loss.

I don’t have medical insurance. Oh boy did Florida Hospital take advantage of that. I was working on one particular afternoon when I started to feel an increased heart rate, and light-headed. I ended up leaving work early to go to the hospital. I was diagnosed with anxiety and prescribed medication. The visit lasted all about 20 minutes. About two weeks later, I received an emergency hospital bill of $871. This was unbelievable to me. This definitely made me think twice about ever visiting an emergency room again if it wasn’t for a life or death matter. But in all honesty, I would rather be safe than sorry, and find a competitive medical insurance plan that is affordable with great benefits.

At the end of the day, you get what you pay for out of life. People without medical insurance can receive less medical care, and less timely care. This can definitely lead to doctor’s not giving their all for whatever your medical needs may be. Which can result in death or a shorter life expectancy. An ended life without life insurance will surely leave behind a heavy burden to your loved ones. It can leave major financial struggle to the ones left with the responsibility to cover the remaining expenses. Having life insurance can certainly help a family get back on their feet after a death. It can help a family member that has an interest with continuing education get through college expenses. It can even help out with the simpler things in life such as paying off mounting bills for a loved one. Trust me when I say home owners insurance, and even renters insurance can definitely save your career, irreplaceable memorabilia’s, and expensive possessions. Bottom line, Insurance is important to me because if you neglect it, it could backfire and cost you more in the long run.

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