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With the world vastly changing and moving at a fast pace insurance is a must. Nobody seems to have time to just sit idle for a period of time and take in the fresh air. Flights are taking off, people are moving, dogs are barking, an old man is falling off his porch, a football player just got hurt, a car crashed, everything is happening within a matter of minutes. What is the one thing that each of these situations need? If you guessed insurance, then you are correct. Insurance to me has played volatile roles within my family, as to financial assistance when times were strained monetarily. There have been three significant incidents, from the time of my birth to a recent car crash of my grandfather, that have impacted my beliefs as to why insurance is important.

Before my birth, my mom was able to get insurance that would allow for my coming into the world. My mother was rushed, via ambulance, to a hospital an hour away from a small hospital that held her for monitoring.  See, I was a unique arrival because I was born dead and revived at the University Hospital in Alabama. My mother had me a month and three weeks early due to complications with hypertension, toxemia, and preeclampsia. I was placed on a ventilator and remained in Neonatal Intensive Care for eleven days. My total cost for the medical treatment there was over forty-five thousand dollars. Had it not been for the medical insurance that my mother sought before having me, we would still be paying on that bill today.

Soon after I was released from Neonatal and sent home, I developed a serious bronchial virus called RSV. My mother was told, while at the hospital, that I need to give the doctors and nurses consent to administer the medication needed to protect me from influenza and simple colds. Because the insurance did not want to cover the much needed medication, I was placed back into the hospital with the virus and spent over a week and a half under croup tents while my lungs had time to heal. Finally, the insurance agreed that administering the once a month shot would be better than having to pay the high expense of having to pay hospital bills, and so for the next few months I received the shot. Medication has been a must for me from the time that I was born until present day. The insurance has been more than a blessing because without my medication, I would not be here.

As long as my grandparents have had cars, they have always had insurance to cover them in case of an emergency. At 5:30 am on the morning of June 13, 2015, my grandfather was airlifted from the scene of a horrific car crash to the University Hospital. Upon his arrival, he was rushed into surgery. The doctors had to fully amputate his left arm and administer rods to his left leg where the femur was broken outside of the thigh. He had over a dozen broke bones throughout his body, three major surgeries within a matter of days, six pints of blood, and a large variety of different medications. After three weeks of hospitalization, the billing specialists were coming to the room asking questions. My grandfather had one of the best insurances on his side, but the person at fault had just the basic and it did not cover even a sixteenth of my grandfather’s medical cost. Being that he was also a worker at the time of his accident, he had insurance through his company. The insurance that my grandfather had has been the provider as far as the billing claims that have accumulated at our home. Prearranged medical insurance is something that all individuals should take heed to.

Insurance has benefitted my family in many occasions. There have been a few rare situations where they didn’t have insurance and had to utilize drastic measures to make sure that bills were taken care of. For instance, my grandparents’ home burnt down and they had just paid their insurance, but the information was on the dining room table. They had to refinance their land in order to take care of the bills that were coming in. Individuals that don’t take in to consideration just what could happen are blind to the fact that they will eventually have to come out of their pocket more than a mere small insurance fee.

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