Brandon F

In life the only thing that is guaranteed is ultimately how unpredictable it can be.  Even at my young age, I have encountered my own fair share of unexpected life altering events that I wish that I could change for the better. From watching my own loved ones die unexpectedly in an unforeseen car accident to my godfather being diagnosed with terminal cancer at 40 years old. When things happen and it changes the overall course of your life, the only thing that people can count on is how they can prepare for these untimely moments. I find that any form of insurance whether it may be life insurance, health insurance, or even that of automobile insurance is very important in life because it can bring some form of security when all else seems to be chaotic and stressful.   Without insurance people’s lives can be severely negatively impacted while already having to deal with a tragic or extremely difficult time in their lives.  I would be naïve to think that one’s life can be totally planned out. However, preparation and thoughtful planning is key to mediate these challenging moments that life unexpectedly throws at you like a curve ball.  As a recent high school graduate, I believe that our public education system should prepare us for the realities of life and provide life guided courses that illustrate the importance of insurance without advocating for any particular company. Incorporating this into an educational curriculum, will allow students to be exposed to and learn how to understand the impact of things like health insurance, automobile insurance, life insurance, so that when they are in the workforce they can make smart choices that will positively impact their lives. By preparing high school students who will eventually be a part of our workforce to learn about insurance, they will be more suited to handle important unexpected life crisis situations if and when they arise. This especially applies to the reality of College Life which can be a challenging time for students. For example, parties are often common in college and as a result a student may end up drinking too much and even wrecking his or her car which can lead to a disaster for both the student and the other party involved. Here, a personal insurance policy would serve as an umbrella, protecting the student from the financial losses that arise from the situation. Yet, still to this day about 1.7 million college students are uninsured in the United States. This can be seen as extremely costly, as college students are typically the ones to be the most accident prone during these crucial years. In addition, college students are also often lacking life insurance, which can put their own families at risk for financial instability. Here, a college education is already seen as a major financial challenge for most American families, but it becomes even more difficult for a parent if a student suddenly dies. Not only will parents face the emotional strain of losing their child but also having to face the financial stress of having to pay the student loans that are left behind, the vehicle that may be totaled or the other party involved that may have been injured.     If high school would prepare students not only for college but also for the challenges that accompany those young adult years, students would become much more well-rounded individuals when it comes to unpredictable situations that form part of our lives. Here, they would be much more well prepared when it comes to the unknown. It’s for this reason why I advocate the need of having some form of insurance. In today’s world there is always the uncertain nature of our lives that can lead to some form of injury or damage, and through insurance we can ultimately protect ourselves from even more losses that could potentially arise. Life is ultimately short so it’s always best to plan for the future and like that old saying says plan for the worst but hope for the best. By having insurance whether its life, health, or automobile insurance, we are able to sail through life and be better prepared. Without Insurance, we are allowing not only ourselves to suffer from the unknowns that life may bring but also put the financial stability of our loved ones in jeopardy. Thus, it is always best to plan for the future as it not only ensures your livelihood now but also ensures a smoother transition through life’s unpredictable journey.

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