Blain R

Why is insurance important to me?

With medical conditions sometimes gaining the proper benefits for insurance is crucial for everyday life and how it is lived for someone. Disabilities come with all kinds of problems such as controlling the condition, medication to maintain conditions, and the sustainable healing from a disability. All of these obstacles can be solved from gaining insurance benefits to help with the cost of medication that leads to a better process of life. This process can be achieved through the importance and benefit of insurance.

Insurance is a big dependant in many families across the united states to help care for the medically dependant. One big part of the medically dependant is medication. An example is the medication that i get from insurance which is insulin, glucose test strips, and ketone strips. Something that is vital to a diabetes medical supplies is when and how to take these supplies which is explain at appointments with endocrinologists.

A big thought to think about is why are these things important that the insurance company provide. An example of importance is when i went as a child to diabetes camp at camp Hamwi in danville Ohio a counselor dropped and broke open a vial of insulin. This would not have been such a big deal if this small amount of insulin didn’t cost so much. The cost to replace this vial of insulin without insurance would be around four to six hundred dollars for one small vial a month. As can be seen prices are unnerving and sometimes the insurance companies can help take those concerns off the back of diabetics. As though it wasn’t hard enough to carry a chronic disease through life. Not only does the insurance benefits help you with your medical supplies it also can help with keeping the necessary money that you need for shelter, food, and clothing. One of the biggest points that can be and will be brought up is health with these benefits the disabled can lead a healthy lifestyle. It can give them the ability to do things that most other people that aren’t receiving the medication aren’t. If a diabetic didn’t have insulin they could go into ketoacidosis resulting in possible hospitalization or even more tragic an amputation of a limb. These things will occur, have occurred, and will continue to occur if the proper care and proper medication provided by Health insurance is not guaranteed.

In today’s financial state  everything is changing from bills, groceries, activities and many other things are going up in price. The insurance can make a difference for the future of children that can either live in a deprived world where getting by or even worse having less than what is needed can make a life of difference. An example would be a family with two adults and two children. If their was a child with a medical condition they would obviously be the one that is looked after the most. Meaning that, that child would need more money to be taken care of and possibly would need more time when it comes to picking out their needed diet. They might have to be talked to more and socialized with giving the parent less time to work and provide money for the family. This could give a chain of effects on to what the other child, the one without medical disabilities, thinks about their parents. Stressful emotions and exhaustion could come from the parents that are putting all of this time into their child and/or children. All of this time exhaustion can have a little resolution if there are backup ways of providing money for the medication needed and that is where the insurance can come and help.

My reasoning of giving these examples are because this is what has happened to me in my life. Life can be stressful without a helping hand and that is exactly what is given when insurance companies can provide. Medication is what is needed in over 60% of American homes and that is what can be provided by these insurance companies nationwide. To make a better future, and stress free environment and better life.


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