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Insurance has always been a benefit of my life; my family no longer had to pay for health expenses once the copay was met, I didn’t have to pay at any appointments I had, instead I simply handed them a small plastic card that took care of everything. One night, insurance became more than a small convenience in my life. It became life or death to my aunt.

On the fateful night that my aunt was t-boned by a car running a red light at an intersection, everyone in my family’s life changed. We all met at the hospital; everyone on edge due to my aunt, Jordan, being in critical condition and requiring immediate brain surgery. That night, each member of my family was put to the test. We were stranded, left to sit in the waiting room, the time torturing us.

My aunt ended up having brain surgery and staying in the hospital for several days after requiring 24/7 medical attention. If my family did not have medical insurance, my aunt probably would not be with us today.

Without having the medical insurance to cover the expenses for my aunt’s brain surgery and recovery from her car accident, my family most likely would not be able to pay for the medical expenses this car accident cause. If my family did not have car insurance, my aunt’s totaled car would have been a devastating loss; thanks to car insurance, my family could worry about my aunt’s recovery instead of the wrecked car.

The life lesson my aunt’s accident taught me has stuck with me throughout my years. When I first began learning how to drive, I always made sure to keep my newest insurance card and registration in my glove box. When I went to any appointment, I made sure the little plastic card, which was worth way more than my savings account, was tucked in my wallet, front and center, so I would always see it. These seemingly silly rituals paid off when I got into my first car accident. I had only had my license for 2 weeks when a snowplow backed over my car. I sat in my car in awe, while the snowplow reversed. My immediate reaction was to honk my horn, but nothing happened. The snowplow continued backing over my car. Once the snowplow haulted to a stop, I got out of my car and handed the driver my insurance card, my shaking hands. That was the only thought my brain could process, the only action my body could perform. My mind was elsewhere, thinking

‘Thank God I have insurance. What if I didn’t and had to pay for all this myself? I can’t afford that. What if I couldn’t drive my car anymore because I didn’t have insurance? What if I was the one who hit the snowplow and didn’t have insurance? What would happen then?’ With insurance there are no ‘What ifs?’

After the snowplow hit my car, everything turned out to be okay thanks to my insurance. My car was repaired with money from the snowplow driver, and since the accident wasn’t my fault the deductible did not go up on my car insurance. Never have I ever been so thankful for my car insurance, or so I thought.

Two months later, I got into my second accident.

I was stopped at a red light driving home from school when a car full of guys who weren’t paying attention rear-ended me. The force from the crash caused me to hit the man in front of me. For a second, but what felt like forever, I sat in my car at a loss for words with no recelection of what happened. Then, tons of people surrounded me. The man whose car I hit, the guys who hit me, all my friends.  All I knew was to make sure I had gotten the car insurance information, so it would run smoothly like last time. Unfortunately, that was not how the aftermath of this accident went.

A police report had to be filed because the boy who hit me and his father denied that any damage was done to my car, while in fact several expensive repairs were necessary to get my car back to its original condition. After the police got involved, things ran a bit more smoothly, and with the help of the police and my insurance, my car was fixed. I have been through far too many experiences in my few years driving, but my insurance was there to help with every step. If I didn’t have insurance, I would not have been able to go most of the places I have drove in my car. My aunt’s and my car accidents have taught me that insurance is not just a benefit, but a way to ensure that you and your family are safe and taken care of in times of stress and tragedy.

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