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Insurance, no matter the type, is very important to me, but out of all types of insurance, health insurance is most important to me. In this essay you will hear a few of the accounts that have made health insurance so important to myself and my family.  My family has not necessarily been the luckiest with health throughout the years so these accounts are about my mother, myself, my brother, and my father.

My mother had been fighting breast cancer for three years since I had been in the second grade.  Then again had a battle with cancer when I got into the seventh grade.  This battle lasted until my freshman year of high school.  This time it was terminal.  My parents never made a lot, and if it weren’t for the health insurance they had, they would not have been able to pay for all of my mother’s medical bills up until her passing date of December 18th, 2010. The health insurance we had made it possible for my mother to receive her many years worth of chemotherapy and radiation treatment.  My mother had many of these treatments a week.  She was also included in a medical study where she took a pill that was either a drug that could help her or a placebo. To be a part of this study she had to go through extensive medical tests just to make sure she qualified.   These tests and treatments let my father, brother, and myself have a few more years with my mother than if we did not have the insurance to help us with the medical bills.  I could not be more thankful for the extra years that this had granted my family.

Health insurance is a big deal for me not only because of how it helped pay for my mother’s chemotherapy and radiation treatment, but because it has helped me personally as well.  As a child, I would constantly have many problems because of heat.  The doctors never told me what was going on, but they told me that my body suffered from heat exhaustion more often and easily than it should.  If my body got too hot, I would faint.  Anytime my family and I were outside on warm days they always had to keep an eye on me and find ways to keep me cool because I would faint and they wouldn’t know why. Eventually my parents had taken me to the children’s hospital to figure out what it was. Here, they ran extensive tests to figure out what was wrong with me.  Which is where they got the conclusion that I suffer from heat exhaustion more often than my body should, they thought that one of my first incidents may have been from a heat stroke.  If it weren’t for health insurance, my parents would not have been able to take me in to get those tests done to figure that out.  Without these tests we would not have really known how to try to prevent my fainting incidents. But, the doctors were able to give plenty of tips and tricks to help me recognize the symptoms and how to get them to stop.

My older, and only,  brother also had fainting incidents when he was a child.  The incidents always seemed to happen if he skipped breakfast, or some other meal.  The first time it happened my mother thought he was just sick so she kept him home from school and made sure he got rest and ate chicken noodle soup, because that supposedly helps when you’re sick. She really didn’t want to take him in unless she absolutely had to.  Then, the fainting incidents kept happening.  She took him in and the doctors diagnosed him as hypoglycemic.  His blood sugar was naturally too low and that was the reason for his recurring fainting incidents. If it weren’t for health insurance, my brother would not have been able to go in to get those tests done and would probably still be fainting to this day at the age of twenty two without any reason why.

More recently, my father had been diagnosed with prostate cancer.  This happened summer of 2015.  With my mother being gone, and my now step-mother not really bringing in very much income, we have been living off of my dad’s income as a custodian for a public school district in Minnesota.  We are more financially strapped now than we ever have been.  Dad didn’t think he could have his surgery to remove the cancer because of how much it would cost.  Then, he realized that insurance would still help cover most of it.  Thanks to insurance he was able to undergo his surgery at the VA in Minneapolis. Since he’s a veteran, insurance seemed to help out a little more than he had initially thought it would.  I couldn’t be more thankful that the doctors were able to remove all of the cancer so I wouldn’t have to watch my father go through the extensive treatments that my mother had gone through previously.  I also couldn’t be more grateful to the insurance companies for being able to help us out throughout our desperate times of need.

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