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Many people do not realize how important insurance is in everyday life. Many people do  not realize how important insurance can be, at any time there could be an instance where you could need your insurance. For example, say you just paid all of the bills you have been late on, and the next day your son breaks his arm and you do not have health insurance. You will be in debt for your hospital bill until you pay off the bill.   If you had insurance on your son, that cost would be cut drastically down on the hospital bill, if any at all. Insurance is important to me because I have bad eye sight and it helps me with vision appointments, I also have a car which needs insured if I want to drive it, and just in case I have any health issues my insurance is always there.

My bad eye sight can be really expensive when I go the the eye doctors. Every year I have an eye exam to see if my eyes got worse and I need a new prescription. If I need a new prescription, then I need new contacts or glasses lenses so I can see to my fullest potential. The eye exam will always be covered by my insurance, but if it wasn’t it would be $100. When I run out of contacts before my yearly eye exam, my insurance would cover a bit of the price that the contacts would be. Vision insurance is important to me because without it I wouldn’t be able to pay for the things I need to make my eyesight better.

Car insurance is important to me in many ways. I can’t drive my car without car insurance. What is the point in having a car if you can’t drive it? The car insurance is also important especially in a case of an accident or emergency. Without insurance, I would have to pay not only for the damages done to my car, but for any damages done to anything or anyone else. If you do not have car insurance and you get pulled over by the police, you will be fined and my car insurance can go up in price every month. Car Insurance is important to me because of those examples.

Finally, the most important insurance to me of all! Health insurance is definitely the most needed insurance. I don’t get hurt often to use it but when I do need it, it is there for me. Hospital or doctors bills tend to be pretty high and the health insurance really helps out with that. I would say I have only needed to use my health insurance 5 times in the last three years and, every time I used it, I never had any problems being able to afford the cost of the doctor’s visit. Health insurance is the greatest insurance because it affects my health and that is the most important to me.  Without health insurance, I would not be able to afford medical care and help!

My life can be pretty dangerous since I play high school sports and am a new driver. Like I said when I was talking about car insurance I will need it to drive my car and, what if I got into a wreck? If I got injured in that car accident, I would need to use my health insurance. I play sports also and if I tear a ligament or break a bone, I would also need to use the health insurance for that. My contacts are limited and if I tear one or lose one I will need more sooner and, that means I would have to use my eye insurance to buy some more contacts. Those are just some reasons why insurance is important to my everyday life.

Insurance is hated by many people because they have to put money towards it every month. In the end, it saves the person if they need to use it. If people didn’t have insurance, they will be in a fair amount of debt or not take care of themselves because it is too expensive to go to the doctor. I don’t know why those people wouldn’t have insurance because, it is always there when you need it to help you out. Also, insurance can be against the law if you do not have it. With some insurance companies they actually give you a bonus check if you are safe and do not have to use your insurance. Now wouldn’t you want to get that bonus check? In conclusion, in my life, insurance happens to be very important to me.

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