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The term insurance is so simple yet very complicated.  Insurance by definition means that an arrangement has been made for compensation in the event of a loss of some kind. There are many different ways to have a loss: illness, death and destruction are probably the most known ways to experience a loss. These three types of insurance are the ones I will focus on.

Illness is one example that some people do not think they need insurance for, but it is very important to me.  When we are sick or in need of medical attention our health insurance helps cover our costs so we can and do seek the medical attention needed. Medical insurance helps cover the costs of wellness check ups as we grow older and the preventative care to help keep us healthy. It is also there in the event of something major. Three years ago my cousin fell asleep while driving and rolled his truck about 7 times.  He was in coma for 3 weeks and had to learn how to walk, talk, and even feed himself again.  His family medical insurance helped to cover his costs associated with his severe head trauma and the year of rehab associated with the wreck. To this day it is still helping him to stay on track to getting 100% better. Medical insurance is one of the insurance areas that is important to me.

Death is probably one of the most thought of but not purchased insurance types.  When we lose a loved one, if we have life insurance, our family or beneficiaries have a helping hand to be able to begin to move on.  When my grandfather passed unexpected 5 years ago he had life insurance. His life insurance allowed my grandmother to have the funeral service, and not stress over the bills for a time. This allowed her grieving time to figure out her next move in her life. The insurance would never fully replace him or his income, but it did allow her to give him the military honors funeral that he deserved and time to move on.  Life insurance is a necessary insurance that is important to me.

Destruction comes in many forms and insurance for the damage comes in many forms to help cover and replace what is lost.  Whether damage in a storm is to your home or to your auto, insurance is there to help you repair or replace what is damaged.  I live in the central area of Texas.  Hurricanes do not usually come this far into land, but we do get massive storms with rain, hail and wind damage.   These storms can severely damage your roof to your home, or your car.  Hail can get up to the size of softballs in our part and insurance helps millions of people in this area each year repair and sometimes replace the destruction that has occurred. Flooding associated with these storms also plays an impact on needing this insurance.  Last year in May there was major flooding due to one of these storms. There were cars parked in parking lots that were flooded and even floating. Insurance, as long as the person had it, would cover the amount owed on the car so a new one could be purchased. Even just strong wind can knock down a fence or blow shingles off a roof. A home roof and even just a fence is very expensive to replace without this insurance.  In my opinion insurance to cover damage and destruction on your home and vehicles is probably the most important insurance to have.

There are many more areas and types of insurance other than these that I have described.  Illness, death and destruction are the types that I believe to be the most important in my life. While I do not think that anyone truly has enough insurance to totally take care of everything in life one hundred percent, I do believe the three types that I have listed will cover you enough for a start. I know that insurance for my car is very expensive, so I assume that all insurances are expensive; but what is the alternative and what will not having insurance really cost you. Insurance is sometimes one of those areas in life that we don’t realize we really need until it is too late.  You might say that you don’t get sick, or that you are a good driver. All it takes is one time to wish you had the insurance that is needed at the time. Insurance will give you the peace of mind that if something tragic happens you will be compensated and not have the financial loss and stress, the rest is up to you.

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