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Why is insurance important to me? Well just to say the obvious, insurance helps me to be financially stable if something wear to happen to me or something that belonged to me – depending what insurance I would have at the time. For example, If I had accidently rear ended someone while I was driving and I not only caused damage to my car but the other vehicle involved, then I could make a claim to my insurance provider and have them help cover for the damage on my car and the other vehicle that was involved. Following that, once I move out and get into my own place – or hopefully my own home at some point – I could get home owners insurance. From my understanding this would cover any damage done to my home not only on the inside, but on the outside if my home had been broken into, vandalized, or a natural disaster that had occurred Another insurance that I could get would be life insurance, where when you pass money is given back to help with any debt or to loved ones.

Starting with car insurance, car insurance for teenagers is typically higher than the average driver because teenagers are new on the road and are more prone to wrecking their car or hitting something (to me I don’t think it’s right considering I pay for my own insurance). To get to my point, if I didn’t have insurance on my car, not only is it illegal but it would be twice or triple as much depending on how bad the accident was – also without insurance, personal belongings could be taken such as a house or something along that line! In addition, when I get older and have teenagers of my own and they start driving, as a parent, and knowing that if somethings were to happen to them in a vehicle whether it be they caused it or someone else had; I would be able to financially support them and hopefully replace or fix what had been broken – also not putting me in a financial set back. To me, insurance is important in a vehicle perspective because even though my insurance would go up if I got into an accident, I would also know I would be financially safe.

Moving onto home insurance, -although I do not have my own home right now it’s still good to consider the future and be pre-paired- as times goes on, natural disaster or criminal acts will occur at some point in everyone’s life (whether you like it or not), with home insurance that makes the elephant in the room a little easier to deal with! With home insurance – when these things happen – when there has been damage done to my home, I would be able to make a claim on my insurance and apply for financial aid in helping to fix my home or hopefully replace what had been taken, cool right? Especially with these being situations that can happen at any time, it is reassuring to know that I have a helping hand.

Now finally, life insurance. I have heard about life insurance here and there but I’ve never considered it, due to the fact I never thought I would need it! Although life insurance is only used for your loved ones and not yourself at the time being, (since it is only used when you have passed) is extremely reassuring to know. Also for an example, when I finally have children and for some reason I do end up passing before they move out, I could still help them since I had life insurance. That is a win-win situation!

So, to catch back up on the topic, why is insurance important to me? Insurance is important to me because since you never know what the future holds for yourself or the people around you, it’s a helping hand. If you think about it everybody walks around and will never know what could happen to them the very next minutes, because it only takes a minute to change someone’s life, and living like that plus if having an upper hand is extremely handy and especially if you had passed and still could help the people around you is incredible! To wrap it up, insurance is like having an upper hand in life and having reassurance when life puts you in a stressful situation and wants to set you back. To me, that is why insurance is important to me!

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