Auberon D

I have always been the “poor kid” in life. Starting since I was born. My father and mother barely had enough to pay for rent and food, but they found a way to do it. After my mother left me my father had a very hard time figuring out what to do, so we moved to Eugene, Oregon where my grandmother lived. I lived a majority of my life without insurance to do the financial status my family was in. Luckily I was always the kid who got knocked down, but got right back up. Due to my incredible luck with possible injuries we never figured that I would need to have full coverage insurance, so even when I did have insurance it was not the best.

In sixth grade my family ran across some trouble which actually ended up working out for me because I got full coverage insurance from the state of Oregon. Just in time, because I started playing tackle football and Lacrosse that year. Football was all fun and games until I acquired a concussion. Having insurance helped me take the correct route because i could go to the doctor immediately.

I continued pretty injury free until my freshman year of high school, which is when I started growing and the physical contact started to take a toll on my body. My freshman year of football I broke my middle finger while catching a football. Luckily I had insurance. The amount of X-Rays that i had taken was incredible and I could not imagine the cost. Later that year during a lacrosse game I broke my ankle. It took six X-Rays and an MRI to figure out what exactly was wrong. Again I was lucky to have insurance because the X-Rays, MRI, and boot they put me in would have made my family bankrupt.

Throughout the years I have gone to see the doctor for vaccinations checkups physicals just all sorts of things, but I never really knew how important insurance was until my junior year of Lacrosse. During the second game of the season I was running down the field with the ball and planted my left leg to shoot. When I planted an opposing teams played hit my in the back causing my knee to hyperextend and causing me to tear my ACL, Meniscus, and acquire a micro fracture on my Femur. It was the worst sound and pain I had ever endured. I stayed to watch my teammates finish out the game with a win because that is what you do for your sports family. As soon as the game was over I went to the emergency room, but there was nothing they could do there besides put me in a brace and tell me not to walk on it. After the weekend I went to see a doctor which is when they told me that my lacrosse season had ended. It was a devastating time for me. The most important year for recruiting and the year my team was supposed to be great I get injured and am unable to play.

After about a month of MRI’s, doctor visits, and X-Rays I had surgery. Until then the actual tearing of my ACL was the most severe pain I had ever had, but the pain after surgery, not just physical pain but mental pain knowing I could not help my team out in the games destroyed me. I went to the doctor every two weeks to check up on my knee and see how well it was healing. After two months of not walking my doctor finally said the magic words “let’s see you walk”. It was one of the greatest things to hear and one of the best things I had heard in awhile.

After that I went through all of my physical therapy and passed all of my return to play test and by the time the lacrosse season came around I was ready to play. This 2016 season was my best yet and our team went to the championship. If it hadn’t been for my insurance I would have never had the money to go to the doctor let alone get surgery. I will be attending Dominican University of California this fall and playing lacrosse there and the only reasons I can do this is because of insurance and individual determination. I hope to never have to use my insurance for those reasons again, but I feel safe knowing that I have it there just in case.

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