Ashlyn L

Insurance is an important part of each our lives. Most of us do not stop and think about insurance, but individuals and groups have been ensuring things since the earliest written records.  Farmers care for their crops and tend them carefully to ensure a bountiful harvest.  Woman from all over the world and as far back as ancient Egypt have danced, prayed and worshiped many gods to ensure fertility. Kings have built castles, the Chinese built a wall, and countries build militaries, all to ensure their safety. And yes even the animal kingdom depends on insurance!  Squirrels insure a meal in winter by storing nuts in the spring.  All of these things are insurance!

We all wish to be secure whether or not it’s our food supply, family, homes or health.  As a young adult I’ve not yet purchased my own insurance policy but I have seen the benefits of homeowners, medical, dental, and car insurance.

When lightning struck our home and damaged almost all of our electrical appliance homeowners insurance replaced everything.  When I’ve needed a filling, or even preventive care, my dental insurance has paid the bill.   I don’t have to predict the future or have a crystal ball to know that my needs will be met.  All I need is insurance and if something unforeseen happens I can file a claim and help will be on the way.

I have a family member that was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. Without her medical insurance, treatment would have been unobtainable or financially catastrophic.  Instead she has received the care she needed including two bone marrow transplants. She has been able to retain her home and raise her two small daughters.  Insurance can mean the difference between life and death, being there to raise a family and watch them grow.

In today’s world insurance can be bought for almost anything and we can be ensured we will be cared for and our losses minimized by simply calling an agent and taking out a policy.

As I am about to start my first year of college I am preparing to ensure my own future through education.  Gaining knowledge and bettering myself through education will allow me to move further in life.  I hope to purchase a home, a yacht, a car and all of these things will be of valuable to me, not just because of the monetary value, but because I earned them.  I’ve made a huge effort in high school, plan to study hard in college, and intend to join the workforce and make a positive impact in my field.  Working hard to earn the things in life I want deserves to be insured and protected for myself, my family, and my future.

Take a look back through history and evaluate all that has been done as insurance and ask yourself how you can insure yourself and what matters to you!

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