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All pieces of insurance have been important to me and those I love.  In the last few years, I have seen just how valuable insurance (health, life, home and auto) is, as several of my family members have experienced major life events.

When my aunt and grandfather got sick at different times with types of cancer, it was good to know that the bills were paid through the health insurance.  My grandfather had really good health insurance with little to no deductibles so there wasn’t much that my grandmother had to worry about in terms of money or bills.  The insurance took care of his extended hospital stays, nursing home recoveries, occupational and physical therapy, visiting nurses and eventually hospice nursing care.  My family has used our health insurance for life threatening anaphylactic reactions that, one time, involved an overnight hospital stay for my dad.  Last year when my he lost his company-sponsored health insurance, my parents immediately called a few places looking for coverage.  They were able to get a good policy to help pay any bills should be have to go to the hospital for any type of accident or need to see a doctor.  This provided us with a measure of security in an uncertain time.  I have used our health insurance policy this past summer when I had an outer ear infection from water not clearing in my ear.  My mom took me to the urgent care center and I was able to been seen within a half-hour.  When we walked out of the center, I knew that the bill would be mostly paid for with the insurance and that we could get medication from the pharmacy to help with my ear pain.  All this was possible because of our health insurance plan.

My parents purchased life insurance for both themselves and for my siblings and I as a preventive measure should anything happen to anyone.  It would help cover funeral costs and other expenses at a time when one doesn’t want to think about regular issues such as bills.  In the case of my aunt’s and grandfather’s deaths, my grandmother had enough coverage to not only take care of the funeral arrangements, but also enough money to live comfortably for the rest of her life.  Her house and car had already been paid off but it provided a measure of security for her financially during these troubling times.  I’ve also seen the flip side of not having life insurance and/or coverage not being allowed to be used.  This past March, my uncle’s death was ruled a suicide.  At the time, my uncle had been making very little money and my aunt was unemployed.  There was no life insurance available to collect.  She is struggling to make ends meet and is trying to get her house ready to sell due to the financial pressures.  Each day is a stressful now that her life took this dramatic turn for the worse.

My aunt also had an accidental explosion happen on her property the previous year.  Her chicken coop was attached to the outside of the barn.  Paper got blown by wind and landed on the chick’s warming light.  The paper was the first to catch on fire and then it spread to the barn.  When the fire reached the gas cans, stored inside, it caused a big explosion destroying the barn.  My aunt’s car was also affected as the explosion melted parts of her car.  The insurance company adjuster stepped in and helped her with money to clear out the debris, rebuild the structure, paint and electrify the barn.  She now has a brand new facility for her animals.

We have had our cars involved in few accidents over the years.  Each time when it happened, my mom would trade information with the other person and then call our insurance agent to report it.  She then had the insurance adjuster look at the vehicle and got a quote for the repairs.  They would issue her a check for the repairs and she would have the repairs done.  The car always came back looking like it had before the accident.  Now that I have my own car, auto insurance is important to me as it is my money (I purchased my own car) out on the road now.  For me, a low deductible is good so that if I get into an accident there wouldn’t be a large amount I would pay to fix the car.  Thankfully I have been accident free and plan to keep it that way!

I have seen how having the right kind of coverages helps you to get through some tough spots in life.  If no health, life, home or car insurance had been purchased by my family members, we wouldn’t have been able to get through the situations that were brought upon us or that we caused.  Insurance is a net that is cast over us and our property.  If anything goes wrong, it is there to help us get through situations.

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