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The importance of insurance, health, homeowners, car, earthquake, flood, etc. cannot be understated. Insurance gives us protection against the many disasters that are plaguing our world today.   A promise made for compensation for what is lost in the case of any disaster or terminal illness that brings comfort and security to an insured person. An attempt to make a victim of a list of unfortunate contingencies whole. If we were void of insurance, unpredictable occurrences like sickness, car accidents, or natural disasters would overwhelm those of us unable to pay out of pocket for any damage. Insurance is important to me, as it should be to everyone because it cushions the blow of already detrimental experiences.

My first memorable experience with the importance of having insurance was when my family had to recover from a devastating natural disaster, Hurricane Katrina. Hurricane Katrina hit our coastline early in the morning on August 29, 2005. Generally, when the name Katrina is used in the media referring to our famous, destructive visitor, it is either preceded or succeeded by the references to New Orleans disaster recovery. While the aftermath of the storm ended up breaking New Orleans’ levy and they received unimaginable damage, the full force of the hurricane impacted the Mississippi Gulf Coast, where I’ve lived all of my life. The effects of the storm rendered thousands of people homeless with all of their worldly possessions destroyed and nowhere to go; no banks, no grocery stores, no gas stations, etc. Hospitals and clinics were disabled. All institutions and services that we take for granted daily were unavailable to us and many of us hit rock bottom. As the national guard, red cross, salvation army, and numerous other disaster recovery agencies descended onto the coast, victims sought out relief from their insurance companies. My family was uprooted from our beautiful home in Pass Christian, Mississippi in result of that very home being split into two and flooded from the force of the hurricane. Beautiful memories caught in pictures and videos destroyed, never to be recovered. My family found a new residence 10.2 miles up the beach (a distance we’d walked after discovering we had no home in Pass Christian) in Gulfport, Mississippi.
Without the assistance of our insurance company, we would not have been able to get back to any semblance of normalcy within a reasonable time period. As a result of Insurance, we were able to buy a new home with the compensation from the destruction of our last home. This experience, as a whole, was already traumatizing for me, having been so young. Instead of being completely displaced or homeless adding to that trauma, I was able to focus on building a new home for myself and my family. My aunt’s federal flood insurance enabled her to recover at a much faster rate. Disasters are both mentally and physically disabling. Having insurance to cover you during these times is nothing less than quintessential.
Home insurance was not the only bright spot of an otherwise saddening experience. Our car insurance and health insurance also proved exceptionally useful. My mom was able to give a down payment for a car to replace the one she’d lost in the flooding. In regards to health insurance, we were all able to get a thorough check-up for free. With the threat of exposure to a myriad of harmful bacteria, health insurance was
In 2008, my aunt was diagnosed with malignant breast cancer. Her health insurance provided her with all of the necessary tests to determine the stage of the malignancy. Once her diagnosis was complete and confirmed, the doctors decided the best plan would be for her to have a mastectomy with the added removal of her axillary lymph nodes. Chemotherapy quickly followed one month later. Medicines to counteract any other instances of cancerous tumors were infused during fourth months of her chemotherapy treatment. ending She was also provided with a home nurse for any and all aftercare needed until it was deemed that the healing process had begun. The decision to utilize the creation of prosthetics contributed to her finding her wholeness as a woman again. Subsequently, insurance covers all doctor visits as well as any medicines or tests as determined by the oncologist.
In everyday life, insurance is less noticeable but no less influential. From earthquakes to tsunamis, terminal illnesses to everyday checkups, funeral costs to automobile insurance, the need for insurance is undeniable. Everybody needs insurance. As you can see there are myriad of unanticipated costs that insurance will cover. Insurance is essential in handling the unexpected but it’s also necessary for day-to-day costs. It’s inconceivable to live without it. Insurance is important to me because it is a solution, a solution to astronomical costs for requisite needs. I’ve seen the solutions insurance brings to people in need firsthand, I’ve even been the victim that needs the security insurance brings. Insurance’s importance is indisputable.

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