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What is insurance? Insurance is when a person regularly pays a certain company and promises that if something urgent happens that person is covered but there are many different types of insurance. There is life insurance, health insurance, homeowners insurance, auto insurance, and etc. There are many reasons why insurance is important but I have personal opinions with why insurance is very important.

Insurance is very important to me because I use insurance everyday. I use insurance for myself and many other entitles but the most important insurance to have is for yourself. My mother would always mention to me “one day when you have a family make sure they all have insurance” and thats because if anything happens to you or to anyone in your family you will always be covered. It is very important to be covered all the time so you don’t have to worry about more than one problem at the same time. One of the reasons why I think insurance is very important because every christmas my family and I would go to Japan for christmas and we would go skiing but there was one christmas break when it was just all about bad luck. One afternoon my mother and I went up the slopes and started skiing down but as a teenager I didn’t just want to ski but I wanted to do cool tricks and go extremely fast. While I was having a great time it just started to go down hill from there. I injured myself from going to fast and I injured myself and I was rushed to the hospital. The good news what that I had insurance for myself but the bad news was I couldn’t sky for the rest of the trip. I definitely learned my lesson but what shocked me the most was the price of my hospital bill and I was glad that I had insurance because the hospital bill was very expensive. Since I grew up living in the Philippines for most of my life I have experienced many tragedies like typhoons, car accidents, floods, and other but these tragedies happen every year and since I experienced all of that I make sure I always have insurance because anything can happen. One of my best friends homes got flooded and their car got flooded too and it was very devastating and the good part was that his whole family had insurance but that shows how important insurance is because you need it and you depend on it. That same day I saw many people in the streets just crying and they felt very devastated because floods and typhoons would just destroy homes but they don’t come from wealthy families so when homes get destroyed I just feel bad because they cant cover themselves because they don’t have enough money to do so and they are usually not educated so they don’t know what insurance is.

What everyone in the world should know that no one is perfect and anything can happen to anyone. People shouldn’t just not worry about not having insurance because if a big accident or something goes wrong then that person is in big trouble. It is always much better to just deal with one problem rather than two. When you have insurance its like you can breathe and relax. You don’t need worry all the time and you don’t need to worry about the future if something might happen to you. When you have insurance its like a promise that whatever happens to you no matter what you will always be covered. Being wealthy doesn’t mean you don’t need insurance. Everyone in the world should get insurance. For an example, if a wealthy families home gets destroyed because of a typhoon but their home was a very expensive home. To save save money they will need to get insurance if they end up not getting insurance then they will have to pay for the whole thing again which is a lot of money and I am sure they wouldn’t want to do that.

There are many people that need to deal with many problems in their lives but one positive part about their lives is if they buy insurance they can open up a smile. We always want to enjoy our 24 hours everyday and I am very blessed that my parents have supported and protected me my whole life by making sure that I have insurance but not just me but the whole family. I think insurance is so important to everyone that if one of my family relatives or friends needs help with buying insurance for him or her, I would gladly help because at the end of the day we should care and help each other.

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