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Healthcare is important to society because people get sick, accidents and emergencies happen, and the hospitals are needed to diagnose and treat different people. Many of people’s aspirations and desires cannot be met without healthy and happy lives. The healthcare industry is needed to meet the health needs of individuals and the happiness of our population at large. All over the world, the healthcare industry would continue to thrive and assist people in need.

Health insurance is important for many different reasons. Health insurance covers essential health benefits critical to maintaining one’s health and treatment. Health insurance protects you from unexpected, high medical costs. Health insurance protected my family emotionally and from the high unexpected medical bills. No one plans to get hurt or sick, but all people will need medical care at some point. This is true in my own life.

My mother recently took up cycling as her new hobby; however, while on one of her rides, she was run off the road by a car. My mom suffered a broken hand and concussion. Though my family was grateful that her injuries were not more extensive, we could not help but consider how this accident would have affected our family if my mom did not have health care coverage? Being that my other is a single parent to my brothers and me, she is responsible to provide for our entire family. My brother’s and I need my mother to stay healthy and strong for our family. It was an unexpected medical emergency that could have been detrimental to my family; however, my family was protected from the high medical costs from this particular accident. What would have happened if she did not have medical insurance? Granted, she does not have the best when it comes to medical insurance but the important factor here is that she has medical insurance. My mother was able to avoid the high penalty due to the lack of health insurance. It is true health insurance is a benefit but in reality it is a right, right everyone should have.  People should have medical insurance to protect themselves from an unexpected accident, like a broken hand. Health insurance is a way to pay for health costs, it protected my family and I know it protects others.

Today, people do not receive the medical care they need, nor do they receive care in a timely manner. These individuals can often have negative health outcomes because they lack insurance coverage. The expense is often seen as a burden for themselves and for their family members.  Too many low income families do not have the benefit of insurance coverage because it is not looked upon as a benefit to the cost or the services; however, the value of health insurance is desired by everyone. Health insurance is expensive, and not everyone can afford the coverage. Health insurance is improving daily to no longer carry the difficult barriers of obtaining medical insurance. Everyone should be able get medical insurance without worrying about pre-existing conditions.

It is always good to be prepared for the unexpected. Individuals without health coverage are exposed to high medical bills and this can sometimes lead to deep debt or even bankruptcy.  Health coverage can protect you from the high, unexpected costs like bankruptcy. In addition, high costs can lead to family problems, including loss of employment and struggling to make ends meet. Of course, having insurance can also lead to healthy and happy lives. The preventative steps of insurance can lead to happier and productive lives. Medical insurance protects us from unexpected health care costs and provides regular health checkups and immunizations.

It is important to realize the importance of health insurance. People often find themselves saying they do not need insurance but in an instant having the medical coverage, could save your life. No one ever plans on getting sick or injured, and I do not know one individual who enjoys being sick. Everyone needs medical treatment at some time in their life. There are so many essential health benefits to consider; however, the happiness and well being of yourself and loved ones is a huge factor.  There are so many different health insurance plans to choose from and the variety of supplemental plans as well. Everyone can get insured because there is a plan for you out there. I especially do not think anyone should wait to get insured, make a plan to get and stay healthy to protective, yourself, your wallet, and your loved ones.

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