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Insurance is a very important part of many people’s lives. Insurance, as most of us know, an be the lifesaving difference in someone’s life if they get hit in a certain situation. If someone doesn’t have insurance then they may not be able to afford the medical care without serious consequences to their family or their personal health. The person may lose their life or the life of loved ones due to not having the proper funds. If they truly become desperate then they could sell prized possessions, family treasures, or even their own homes. If someone does have a accident with proper insurance then they would be properly covered and wouldn’t have to worry about going bankrupt due to improper funds.

When it comes to natural disasters they can almost never be predictable nor can the damage be avoidable. Most natural disasters can cause damage to houses which could be very expensive. Thanks to insurances being prepared for these situations they help pay for the repairs as long as the clients are buying the proper insurance to cover the charges. Others don’t buy these types of insurance and suffer the devastating aftermath caused by the disasters. There are also other effects of these disasters, like how floods may leave you with nothing or very little behind do to it being washed away or disabled. Earthquakes may also leave the people without water or pluming due to the pipes being broken from the shockwaves. Earthquakes may even cause tsunamis to pop up in other areas of the world and bring the worst of both scenarios. Most insurances would have you covered with these expected outcomes but those who don’t have it will pay the price heavily.

My father had an accident with his dump truck were he took an exit and flipped his truck on its side. Then a passerby called 911 and soon the emergency services decided it was a life threating situation and decided to have him be lifted away via medical helicopter. He was then flown to a hospital where he only stayed for a day. The insurance in this story comes from both my parents. My father’s insurance payed 10,000 of the 22,000 that was needed for the medical helicopter lift. My mother’s insurance covered the one night stay at the hospital, thankfully he was able to return home after that. The major part of the accident is that due to the insurance not fully paying the bill for the medical helicopter my family was pushed into financial debt and we had to slowly pay this great fee. 12,000 dollars wasn’t the only fee we had to pay in the family, this debt lead to arguing between my parents and a unstable living space to come home to. My family still hasn’t payed this debt and we still owe 11.000 for this accident that could have been easily avoidable.

This happened 3 years ago, November 19th, 2013. We may still be in debt for a while if we don’t get our act together. On the other hand we did have the insurance which payed 10,000 dollars of the cost. If we didn’t have that coverage then we would be in much deeper debt. My family hasn’t been hit by any natural disasters that left devastating effects on us or the house so we haven’t needed to use our hurricane insurance. In general, hurricanes are the major threat to us and yet it still doesn’t need to be worried about that much. As for death benefits, my family does have that insurance from both my parents jobs. To clarify my father’s job gives him death benefits and my mother’s job gives her death benefits. My family hasn’t gained any benefits from these death benefits thankfully but since we have these coverages we don’t have to worry about being in a tight spot if we do loose a family member. From my mother’s death benefit we would gain 1 million dollars to assist us with our financial support. From my father’s death benefit would also give my family 1 million dollars to aid in financial support once again.

I do have to say I am grateful that my family hasn’t used this benefit but at the same time

I know that there are families out there that need this in order to stay afloat fanatically  due to a loss of a loved one. These are my experiences and knowledge on insurance and the many different situations and problems they could aid financially. I hope in the future everyone could have the type of help insurance offers to the clients they are currently assisting.

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