Andrew A

Insurance is important to me because it helped my parents with the cost of my wisdom teeth removal and with getting me braces at an affordable price. My teeth have always been crooked, I was so use to it that I forgot about how crooked they were. Nobody in my family said anything they just liked me the way that I was but every once in a while people would look at me funny. I really didn’t take notice or really care about the looks because I was very happy with me. I did well in school, my friends were great and my family was very great as well. It caught me off guard one day when after visiting the dentist the dentist referred us to an orthodontist. My dad called them and eventually made the appointment in order for me to see about braces. I was a little nervous about the day as it approached but more than anything I was excited about how my teeth were going to look in the end. My mom kept telling me that they were going to hurt especially when they tightened them which kept my nerves in check, but nonetheless I was excited. I remember that the day was February 7, 2013 the day before it had snowed so streets were very slippery and I thought that they were going to have to reschedule my appointment. Luckily they didn’t and I was able to meet with the orthodontist. After visiting with him he told my dad and I that the treatment was going to last for about two years. I was about 15 at the time so as happy as I was that my teeth were going to be straighter I was also very uneasy about it because that meant that I was going to have to wear them until in my mind at least until my high school graduation. The thing that sold me on getting them though was the price of how much it was going to be with insurance. The total cost of them was about five thousand dollars and with the insurance that my dad had the out of pocket money that my parents were going to have to pay was around two thousand. Insurance picked about more than half of the total that my braces were going to be. This made me feel better because in my mind I thought cool I don’t have to leave my parents in debt because they don’t have to as much. The lady who was helping us with how much it was going to be even told my dad that the insurance that he had was a very good one. She has seen insurances that didn’t really cover dental and that these families had to pay a lot of money for their kid to get braces. At that point I didn’t really know how much people use insurance but I was very glad that my dad had an insurance that people recognized as a good one. Long story short I got the braces, they didn’t hurt as much as my mom said that they were going to hurt(which I’m very thankful for) and I had them on for about three years. They didn’t make an appearance at my graduation and best of all when I smiled to people my teeth were straight which is something that I’m still getting use to. My family complements me on how straight they are now which makes me feel over the moon. Another example in where insurance helped me was when I had to get my wisdom teeth removed. About a year and a half into my treatment the orthodontist told us that I had to get them removed so that my teeth would remain straight. My dad made an appointment with the person who does this and we met him. I remember that it was towards the end of my summer as a junior which wasn’t the best time, however I did want them out because I had googled how that worked and everything that I had read said the thing of they hurt when they come in and that it was better for you to have them removed when you were younger so that the recovery time was quicker. We went to the appointment and again because my dad had great health insurance the total that my parents were going to pay for the surgery was less than one thousand dollars. Which did surprise me because the doctor was telling us about everything that they were going to have to do on the day and it sounded like it was going to be more expensive than what it ended up being. Again I felt wonderful about being lucky enough to have great insurance that covered the majority of the surgery cost. I could tell that my dad was relieved too because he kept looking at me and smiling. I got my wisdom teeth removed and it took me about a week to fully recover. My mouth was swollen which wasn’t very fun however I did enjoy the fact that people had to bring me things during the week. Without health insurance these two things would’ve cost my parents a fortune but luckily my dad had great insurance so something that could’ve led them into debt let them not have any. I was able to get the things that I needed because of insurance and I will always be grateful to them.

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