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Insurance is important for a number of different reasons. Say you crashed your car, it was a nasty crash, but you were not at fault, and you had to go to the hospital because you broke a few ribs if you have medical insurance like through your place of work you would not have to pay for a lot of your medical bills. Remember the car that was crashed thanks to car insurance they can give you a good amount of money to either fix your car or buy a new one.

Let us put why insurance is important into perspective. There is a bright eyed girl with good grades, a loving family, and a pretty cool job. One day when she was singing in her high school’s advanced choir she feels like she’s panicking and faints. The girl rushed to the school nurse and the school nurse said that her fainting is due to not eating enough. This sets her nerves at ease. She is taken home to rest and the next day she goes back to school like nothing happened. Three days later she faints again this time during a presentation in history class about how boss tweed was a bad guy. She goes home again and sleeps it off like last time.

A month passed and the young student is fine has not fainted since the history incident and she feels better than ever. The bright eyed girl goes through the school day just fine, no problems what so ever. After school she rushes home to get ready for work. The girl gets to work on time and jumps into a position that needs help, which happened to be the grill. The grill is a sweltering hot area of the restaurant she works at. The grill is the most stressful place area at her job. Two hours go by and the student is having this sense of panic. Almost like she needs to keep moving and working faster, but she just cannot catch up. She walks out of the grill to get something out of the stock closet and when she is walking back her world spins around her at a million miles a minute and she faints. Her coworkers rush over to her; they get her manager and sit her up. The manager notifies the girl’s mother and the next day she goes to the doctor. Thanks to the insurance provided by her mother’s job, the doctor visit didn’t cost the two any money out of their own pocket. The doctor takes blood, but doesn’t find anything physical so the doctor refers the young girl to a psychiatrist.

The young girl is nervous to see the psychiatrist because she does not think anything is wrong with her mental health. The girl and her mother get to the psychiatrist’s office; the young girl is called in without her mother. After talking to the psychiatrist for a little bit the psychiatrist determines the girl has an anxiety disorder. The doctor calls to mother into the room to talk about if she wants her daughter on a medication. The mother decides take her daughter home to think over her daughter taking medication. The mother is looking over the paperwork when she gets a call from the psychiatrist. The mother answers the phone and is conversing with the doctor. The mother asks about the price of the medication her daughter would have to take. The Psychiatrist tells the mother that the medication would be around four hundred dollars without insurance. The mother asks what it would be with insurance, and the doctor says it will only be forty-five dollars to them. The mother is relieved that she can afford the medicine her daughter needs.

A few months pass and the bright eyed girl is feeling better than ever. Thanks to the medication her insurance company helped her afford she doesn’t faint or feel stressed anymore. She sees the psychiatrist about once every two weeks to talk about her feeling and how do deal with them alongside with the medicine. Thanks to the insurance company she feels great.

Insurance is important to me because without it my family could not afford to take me to the hospital when I fainted in class and at work. Although the story above is a fictional one it is similar to when I went to the hospital. Without insurance a lot of good people in the world would not be able to afford dental care, physical car or even to help fix their car when they are in a accident that totaled their car. That is why insurance is important to me.

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