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The definition of insurance is the protection against something going wrong. I have always considered my own high personal standards of conduct as a type of insurance to keep things from going wrong in my life.  I have studied hard to insure I get good grades; I have treated people with kindness and respect to insure I get along with others; I have eaten well and exercised to insure I stay healthy.

There are various forms of insurance; for example, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Automobile Insurance, Home Owners Insurance, Disability Insurance, Appliance Insurance, etc. Having Insurance gives one peace of mind making it possible to get care when the need arises.  Insurance also helps when making decisions that often would be needed in emergency situations or when something occurs that needs to be taken care of or corrected.  Without Insurance, problems that need to be addressed can be ignored or delayed with dire consequences. Also, lack of immediate finances or not being in the insurance system can lead to delay or being turned away.  Health Insurance is needed for the best outcome when solving health issues during the process of living.  Life Insurance and Disability Insurance protects against financial ruin if one is no longer able to provide an income or die.  Automobile and Home Insurance help restore and repair what major casualties can cause.  Our lives are improved when we are prepared for the unexpected major issues and insurance is carefully chosen for our individual needs.  We then have the help needed to move on during and after disasters that we hope will never occur but are devastating if they do.

I had not thought much about insurance until this year.  I had been saving my money for years so that I could get a car when I got my license, however, I had not known at the time how expensive car insurance was.  I was very disappointed when I discovered that the money that I had been saving for a car would barely cover my car insurance bills for the year.  I thought “I am a safe driver and not going to get in to an accident.  Why do I need to have insurance?”. That was until August 21st.  My thoughts about insurance were completely altered on this simple summer day.

Recently, I had a situation while driving that made me all the more aware of the need for Automobile and Health Insurance and possibly Life or Disability Insurance. I live off of a road that has a speed limit of 25 mph, however it is not uncommon for cars to reach a speed of 45 to 50 mph daily on this stretch of road.  On a beautiful summer day, as I pulled out of my house, I was third in line from a car that, like me, followed the speed limit on this road.  However, the car in front of me was not happy about going 25 mph and was swerving around trying to pass the car in front of it.  When it finally found an opening the car sped off at top speed and even blew through a stop sign in its haste.  The car in front of me went the other direction at the stop sign, but I continued in the direction of the speeding car.  As I reached the crest of the hill I saw in the distance the speeding car and a light turning red.  The car was trying to stop but lost control, swerved into the other lane, and hit another car head on coming from the opposite direction.  Both cars went over the curb and into a ditch, where one of the cars had flipped over.  I pulled over immediately, called 911, and went to the scene to see how I could help.  Luckily, a police officer was just driving by and an ambulance showed up simultaneously.  The officer had me wait to give my statement since I had witnessed the accident.  While waiting I said a prayer for the unconscious men being hurried into the ambulance. It was at this time that I realized the incredible need for insurance.  The innocent man in this situation had done nothing wrong and had no power over avoiding this accident.  His life could be forever altered in a blink of an eye.  He might need medical care for the rest of his life or his family might need help with funeral expenses.  The cost of fixing the car is negligible compared to the costs that could be associated with possible long term health problems.

Through my experience of witnessing a serious car accident, I truly came to understand why insurance is important to me.  I am thankful for having car insurance to guarantee my compensation if an accident should occur.  I now know that accidents are not always avoidable, but I can do what is necessary to make sure that anyone who is a passenger with me will be covered if anything should happen.  I also understand why it is the law to own car insurance.  It is for the well-being for all drivers that everyone has coverage in case of an accident.

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