Allie D

I can’t see anything, but I know I’m spinning out of control. The spinning finally stops and I slowly open my eyes to look around. I’m facing the wrong way from where I was going. Smoke was everywhere and confusion swept over me. An older gentleman came rushing to my car and helped me out. I reached down to grab my phone from the car floor with my right hand and instantly knew something was wrong with it. Yet adrenaline coursed through my veins and my wrist was the last thought I was having at the moment. Police cars and an ambulance presented themselves quickly along with the panicked phone calls to parents. I kept being told that this wasn’t my fault and I would be okay, but I wasn’t able to comprehend the voices around me. I knew the basics. Someone blew through the red light they had on their side and I was driving through the green light on my side of the intersection. She came quickly and I didn’t have time to stop. I remember honking the horn and connecting with the side of her car. The lady then rolled into someone stopped at the red light on the other side of the intersection and hit her also. The car I was driving and the lady’s car were both totaled. Thus begins my story on the importance of insurance.

I was lucky. If I had entered the intersection a couple of seconds later the lady that drove through the red light would have connected with my driver side door going at least forty five miles an hour, but I just walked away with a broken wrist. My family and I later found out that the lady that didn’t stop at the red light had the least amount of insurance legally possible. This fact made everything difficult. Hospital bills and doctor’s bills were piling up and someone needed to pay them. An event that wasn’t my fault soon became my family and I’s whole problem. It was an absolute nightmare and she at least had some insurance. I couldn’t imagine what it would have been like if she had no insurance at all.

I recognized our side of the issue, but I also understand the woman’s point of view. Maybe she couldn’t afford the insurance rates that are present in our society. Maybe she didn’t understand the type of insurance plan she needed or know ways to making that insurance plan possible to obtain. People all over the world live without car, health, or home insurance. In today’s world, insurance is all about the money and what can be afforded. That’s all anyone talks about, insurance rates skyrocketing because of a new driver in the family or a family member that smokes. It’s all about the money. Individual’s loss track of the main purpose of insurance which is to save and guard from life’s crazy roller coaster like ride. More people need to understand the important security blanket insurance has over families and material objects that they have invested so much into like cars and homes. I believe more people need help in finding the right insurance plan that they can afford and that gives the most protection. Then just maybe that women involved in the accident could have had the reassurance she and my family so badly needed.

With this in mind, my story is only one in the entire nation. People everywhere run into insurance issues and complications that leave them feeling powerless and hopeless. Insurance is important because my family and I may not have been in the situation we were in if that lady had better protection. Insurance is important to me because it helps anyone who needs extra support when surprise events decide to present themselves. No one can control when something drastic or awful will occur in life. Along with that, no one is able to know when to save money or to prepare themselves for events that have the potential to change lives in some way or another. Insurance is security. It is security for the lady that caused an accident because she didn’t see the red light, for the tropical storm that destroyed the house that had so much invested into it in a blink of an eye, for the loved one that had an unexpected illness erupt inside them. Insurance is something everyone should understand and obtain for those life changing events. It’s not used all the time, but should be kept safe in a back pocket to be ready to pull out if something unexpected happens.

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