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Personally, insurance is very important to me because it has been very helpful to me and my family when it has come to my brother and myself, health. About two years ago we were on a family vacation in Las Vegas where my two younger brothers were in a basketball team with their AAU team. We had just got to venue to see my second youngest brother to play basketball. As they were warming up, my first youngest brother had collapsed onto the floor and proceeded to have a seizure. My family and others around were in shock and were unaware of what to do. Thankfully, my step sisters father was a nurse and stepped in and helped. We ended up having a nearby hospital come for him in the ambulance and stayed at the hospital until midnight.

When we got home we weren’t anticipating the type of bills we got. We had to pay for the ambulance ride, the service the hospital provided, and the bill that came from the dentist from when we had to get his teeth fixed since they got taken out of their socket in the incident. For awhile we were unsure if our insurance would cover it and both my father and step-mother were stressing out because they also had other bills to pay and had seven other mouths to feed including there’s. Thankfully, our insurance helped out tremendously. They helped pay for the ambulance ride and majority of the hospital bill. We ended up basically just paying for the dental visit. We thought that was going to be the last visit like that to the hospital but that was not the case.

Following that summer was my junior year of high school. It was a Sunday and I had gotten back to the dorms that my high school had provided when I suddenly got a headache. I had asked for aspirin which didn’t even help a little. That whole night I was sick and the next day I ended up in the hospital. It was about three in the afternoon or so when I finally gained consciousness of where I was at. When they had told me what had happened, I had not remembered anything. I had been found in my closet barely conscious and was transferred to the Indian hospital next to my school. Unfortunally, they were unable to provide with the care that I ended and was then transferred to St. Vincent’s hospital by an ambulance. It was there that I stayed two nights to try to figure out what caused my illness. Sadly, we were unable to find out what happened and once again was left with bills from two hospitals and a bill from the ambulance. My maternal mother was stressing to figure out how we were going to pay for the bills since she was a single mother of five. Thankfully, her insurance helped out a lot. We had to turn in our referrals that HIS had provided and they covered that cost which left us a small amount to pay to IHS. I thank god that I haven’t had an episode like that but sadly they are still happening to my brother.

Within the last six months he has had two other seizures but thankfully our health insurance has helped covering both incidents.  Therefore, having insurance is very important to me and I think every individual should have it especially with Obamacare now available.

Having insurance is important to me because it has helped my family in so many ways. Besides the misfortunes with my brother and myself, it has also helped my auntie who was in car accident. She was in Albuquerque and was crossing through a stoplight which was green when a car hit her on her side and totaled her vehicle that she had only for a few months. She immediately got out of her car and called her insurance. She took down the other person’s information and gave it to her insurance people. Luckily, she was able to get another car since her insurance covered the incident. Still today she is going through the lawsuit but thankfully her insurance was able to help her get a new car and provided payments for her physical therapy.

Therefore, insurance is very important to me to have. It has helped not only myself but also important people in my life be able to be provided the coverage they needed to stay a float financially. I recommend everyone at least try to get insurance because it is very helpful.

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