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Insurance is important to have because you never know when an emergency may occur. When an emergency happens, it’s always good to know that you will have some assistance recovering what has been damaged, and you won’t have to take care of it on your own. Some of the pain and burden is lifted from your shoulder when you know that you have insurance to protect you. Insurance provides protection against the unexpected.

Health insurance is important me because you always want to keep check on your body and make sure it is in good condition. Health is wealth so when you go for your checkup, you want to be sure that the best care and information is provided. Having insurance is key in receiving the best treatment when you need to see a doctor. Not having insurance sometimes means that you won’t receive the best care and information and sometimes you may not even be treated. You may have an emergency and must go to the hospital to find that surgery is required for you to get better and continue to live. Surgery is expensive and having health insurance helps to cut most, if not all, of those costs.

Life insurance is important to me because you never what may happen. Tomorrow is not promised so you would rather have this protection not only for you, but for your family or business if something were to happen. Life insurance will help your family to take care of any costs that you may have left unpaid. Life insurance will also help cover the funeral costs so that burden is left on your family during this tough time. If you have children that you leave behind, life insurance is important in helping take care of the children.

Auto insurance is important to me because it is required for citizens to have in most states and depending on which policy you choose; it will protect you and others involved in an accident. There are different types of insurance policies you can choose from. Liability insurance policies usually covers any damages that you have caused to someone else, but won’t cover any of your own damages. Can you afford to buy someone a new vehicle if you damage it?  If you’re in accident and you’re at fault, the vehicle and persons you’ve caused damaged to will be protected under your liability policy. You are responsible for covering your own damages with the liability coverage. Most people choose this policy because it is cheaper, but some coverage is better than no coverage at all. One of the higher auto insurance policies is the full coverage policy which covers your damages and the damages that you may have caused to someone else. The full coverage policy also covers the medical costs for yourself and whomever you may have injured as well. Auto insurance is extremely important when you don’t have the money in your pocket to cover these accidents that occur unexpectedly.

Homeowners’ insurance is important to me because when buying a home, you invest a lot of time and money into your home so you would want to make sure that it is protected. In most states homeowners’ insurance is required just like auto insurance to ensure that your home is protected in case a fire or other disaster occurs. The cool thing about homeowners’ insurance is that it doesn’t only cover your home, but it covers attachments like the garage, a fence, driveway, etc and it evens covers you if a guest comes over to your home and is injured. If you are responsible for damaging someone else’s property, your homeowners’ insurance covers that too. If natural disaster were to occur and you are unable to stay at your home, homeowners’ insurance covers your hotel or motel costs as well.

Renters’ insurance is important to me because it covers your belongings if stolen or damaged. It is important to cover your assets because you never know what can happen. Like homeowners’ insurance, renters’ insurance covers an injury that occurs to someone while in your home or apartment. Renters’ insurance also covers your costs if you ever need to stay in a hotel due to a disaster like fire or storm damage happening to your home or apartment. While you’re traveling, renters’ insurance covers your belongings while you’re away so you can enjoy your vacation and not have to dwell on the “what ifs” while away.

There are many types of insurance and they are each very important to me because they provide protection when the unexpected occurs. There are many different policies and prices t choose from depending on your situation, but some coverage and protection is better than no coverage or protection at all.

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