Alexandrea W

I wanted to begin this essay with some sort of witty quote about insurance. However, when I searched for quotes I found literal insurance quotes. This made me laugh. Often times we think about insurance in financial situations such as using it to protect financial assets. In reality insurance can be used to protect things that are less tangible such as our dreams. Insurance is more than a monetary investment we make in our lives but a cushion we give ourselves when things go left. The older I get the need for stability in my life grows along with my list of responsibilities. I realize that protecting the things that I care about is up to me. I protect my education by making the Dean’s List every semester and working part time to help pay for school. My involvement as treasurer of the Black Student Union at Aurora University is how I help promote unity on campus and ensure that I stay involved. Being a Student Peer Educator helps ensure the well-being of my classmates and being an active volunteer in the community helps ensure its growth.

In order to protect the things that are important to us we have to be proactive. People in society wield much more power than they think when it comes to protecting what’s valuable to them. This is one reason why I chose Social Work as a major. I want to help those who feel they don’t have power realize the resources that are available to them. These days protecting your dreams can cost thousands of dollars and even your life. This is the reality of many who are seeking refuge, social change, and looking for equal opportunity. Being a social worker means advocating and using individual stories to effectively influence policies that are directly affecting victims of injustice. At my internship I work as a drug and alcohol counselor and it’s important for me to keep up with policies around confidentiality and insurance. The knowledge that I acquire from learning about these policies help me to better serve my clients in a competent and professional way.  Learning about insurance policies can give me a better idea on the type of treatment and care a client can receive. If I am not aware of certain changes in insurance, then the clinic could fail an audit and we may not be paid for our services. When I realize that certain policies are blocking clients from receiving care that they need then I work to put better policies into place. As you can see in my field of work I would be wearing many hats – a therapist, an advocate, a policy maker and even a claims processor.

The truth is I love my many hats. These roles give me the chance to make a positive impact on individual lives. I make my dreams a reality by ensuring the dreams of others using my skills as a social change agent. Insurance is important to me not just because It could cover costs of a car accident or if I need a major surgery. It is important to me because it enhances the lives of others. Insurance can be a vehicle for social wellness. The reforms around insurance have given life to many social debates. These events give light to the imperative nature of needing a cushion in this unpredictable life of ours. Insurance is important to me because it directly affects the work I do and creates a job for me to be involved in the policies placed around it. Lastly insurance is important me to because it also directly affects the clients I work with and their treatment.

Next year I hope to earn a master’s degree in Social Administration. This gives me the credibility to create policies and influence them in a non for profit, government and social welfare level. I want nothing more than to use my experience in working with the people to help put reforms into place that will help make their lives better. To quote Sylvia Earle a marine biologist “…we have the power to put in place policies and modify our own behavior in ways that would be an insurance policy for the future of the sea, for the creatures there and for us.” While my efforts may not be related to the ocean the idea is that we should act as insurance for ourselves by lending support and being cognizant of the ways we affect one another. Our behavior and attitudes toward worldwide social wellness is the most important insurance of all and especially to me.

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